Wednesday, 24 February 2016


I was going back to school today as I had organised for a group of us to go to Kaponas Grill House and have a bit of a Greek lesson with Eleni.  Greek is complicated to learn but no more so than someone who is not a native English speaker learning English I just think we Brits are just poor at learning other languages because every other bugger speaks English!

My day started with the Make the Bed Challenge and today Boris was my obstacle.  He has obviously eaten something that has disagreed with him and is a bit off colour so likes to snuggle down with the blinkie and be left alone.

I had a text from Marie to say she had found Kaponas (she was coming from Peyia) and so I shot off to keep her company whilst we waited for the others to arrive, Mary, Stuart, Gary, Debbie, Trish, Sharon, John, Marie, Diana and I all assembled around a table with the lovely Eleni to try and make an attempt at some conversation.

I had chosen the subject of food for this lesson so we covered booking a table at a restaurant which led to learning numbers and days of the week and time and colours and drinks and food!!!

We aim to meet again in two weeks and we think we will cover going to the chemists or doctors so we can make an attempt at explaining illness or pain or something like that - this should be interesting!!  Anyway everyone seemed to enjoy it and learn something which is the main thing.  Eleni was great - so patient and clearly spends time with her children and their homework so she was used to lots of questions and lots of blank looks!!!

I needed to shoot down to Polis and at this time of year the countryside is spectacular even though the island is desperate for some rain - we really haven't had much sustained rain this year which in some ways is good but we really will be in dire straights come the summer if we don't get some more.

I normally have a picture of the local horse on the blog but today to ring the changes I have got a picture of Philippos's donkey which is often to be seen at the little museum at the bottom of the village - he is enjoying the lush grass that is around at the moment.  Philippos brings the donkey to the museum to show the school children and he also drafts in a sheep to keep them amused!!!

Good news, progress is being made on the swimming pool front as today our tiles arrived - very difficult to take a photograph which truly represents the shade of green - it might almost be called Jade - whatever it is, it is a nice soft colour which we hope will look nice with the stone wall and the new tiles around the pool.

The workmen were going to start this week but John wanted to make sure he was here to keep an eye on progress so we have pushed them back until John returns from the UK.

John wanted to see the state of the inside of the pool as it has been covered with a wooden cover for nearly 3 months now.  We were pleasantly surprised that apart from a little rain inside and a million mosquito larvae it was reasonably ok so we pumped out what was inside and readiness.

Chivers was completely confused by the change in appearance - we are running a book as to which one will come in with soggy paws first - my money in on Boris who quite often appears covered in all sorts of dirt and minus his collar.

On that subject he left his collar on the kitchen floor this evening so he had either been fighting with Charlie or had sat there and tugged at it with his teeth until it came off.  I duly replaced it and then he went out and came back and it was missing again - little sod - no idea where it is this time and it is one of the good ones.

This evening we managed to catch up Elaine and Paul's brother in law Mike who is the other Sheffield United supporter in the world!!!  He is out house-sitting and animal sitting whilst Elaine and Paul are holidaying in the Seychelles and he has been joined by his mate Melvyn.  We chose to eat at Fitos which was brilliant as usual - I opted for mushroom soup which was absolutely delicious but could have fed an army!!!

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