Tuesday, 16 February 2016


This morning it was my turn for the early morning coffee run - we always do a headcount for the cats although two of them Charlie and Minnie are generally already on the bed - Boris and Chivers tend to be the wanderers.  Chivers is the old man of the house now - he must be four and a half and he can get a bit tetchy with the other boys so I was amazed this morning to find that both he and Boris were asleep together in the small bed!

We needed to be up early this morning because we had a plumber coming to look at the drip that we have up in the loft space but not early enough to help poor Sharon - she had taken Sean to the airport this morning to catch what I am guessing is the first flight out to the UK and on her return she realised that good old Sean had slammed the front door shut with the keys in the lock inside!!!

Having now had all their other windows and doors replaced with nice new state of the art UPC double glazed units the chances of breaking in have been reduced dramatically.  Fortunately the front door is still the old one which came with the house originally so Sharon had text to see if we were up because she needed some tools to force entry in a controlled enough way to save as much of the door and its surround as possible.

Fortunately she had managed to get some tools from Ollie the only other resident here at Lordos 1 and by the time John ran up to her aid she was in and busy sorting out the door frame.  Not a good start to her day particularly as she is itching to get the house straight without a man to get under her feet!!!

We left her adjusting the door frame as we shot off for our regular slot at the gym with Diana.  Good to see the hotel busy - but guess it is with Alpha Mega customers using their discount voucher - still as another supermarket says Every Little Counts.

Mr plumber plumber man arrived on cue.  His details were given to us by Sheila and Klaus who had used him recently.  His name is Alan and he is a very nice man and he came and had a look at the issue and told John what needed doing and we agreed that he would come back tomorrow to sort out the job.

We have had new doors made to replace the old dark bedroom cupboard doors but John came across a bit of an issue when he started to put them up yesterday.  In the spare bedroom we seem to have two right hand doors and in our bedroom the centimetre that we said they could be shorter than the original doors has been taken off the top rather than the bottom as John had requested.

John had got his trusty power tools out all ready to get the doors up which was not before time - we were getting fed up with the sound of the pump and the concrete smell from the loft - neither of which we normally notice when the doors are in place.

We now had to return some of the doors to Andreas today and get them sorted - he didn't seem to think it will be a problem - we certainly hoped not!  We very carefully carried them out to the Peugeot and tucked them up in the boot with their corresponding old door so that we could get them sorted and set off in plenty of time to call into the Mesoghi Avenue to drop them off.

I sat in the car whilst John was having a discussion with Andreas about the problem and suddenly realised that directly above us was one of the beautiful large birds of prey that John is so desperate to photograph!!!

I reckon it has followed us from Droushia laughing all the way because I still haven't managed to get a shot any closer than the one above!!!

Anyway John and Andreas came to a compromise about the doors which involves new hinges - mmmmm I can see that tomorrow is going to be fun because I know how difficult it can be to get doors hanging properly which is why John had wanted to retain the original hinges in their original positions!!

It was nice to have Jeff back at pickleball this week after his lengthy travels with wife Lynn - I think they have been enjoying some sort of Antipodean adventure on a cruise liner.

The break has not affected his playing and he still covers the net like a demon and is a right old bugger with his spin shots - he was outnumbered by the ladies today but not outclassed!!!  Our other regular Tuesday male player Tom has gone off to Mauritius so will be absent for a couple of weeks.

Mum and I went off in search of a parasol cover after PB - opting to try out SuperHome Centre because it meant we could walk through into Debenhams and then maybe have a cuppa there if we had time.

You would not believe how much the price of a parasol/umbrella/washing line cover varied - cheapest under €3 and the most expensive over €30!  I bet you can guess which one Mum purchased!

We did stop for a cuppa in Debenhams having had a quick look at the sale items in the store and then made our way back to Emba and Dad.

It had been a pretty warm day but as John and I drove home the skies were black as a black thing but fortunately it had not been raining in Droushia - it looks like the bad weather was the other side of the valley sort of Kallepia way.  In fact it must have been a lovely day in Droushia too as we made a reasonable amount of electricity.

As we approached home the setting sun was colouring the stormy clouds and it looked beautiful.

Lets hope we have a nice day tomorrow as I have gardening pencilled in!!

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