Friday, 11 March 2016


I cannot find words to express how disappointed I have been today with the weather - I know the island needs rain but NOT ALL IN ONE DAY and not when I have a birthday celebration organised with lots of outside activities which are weather dependent.

It was the one thing I had no control over and no amount of peace offerings to the rain-god was going to help on this occasion - we woke in the night to very very heavy rain and woke again in the morning to leadened skies.

Fortunately Jane and John live in Somerset so they are used to a bit of inclement weather so would at least have appropriate footwear and clothing for being outside in the rain.

In a show of solidarity John and I also dressed in walking gear - I even took off the bottom third of my detachable walking trousers (thanks to my sister Kaye for these - it is the first time I have had cause to wear them) and we set off down to Coral Bay and the Blue Olive where we had organised a special birthday brunch to set us up for the day...

I can't thank Rebecca, Derrick, Charlotte, Dan and anyone else in the kitchen for starting the day with a bang.  They had decorated us a table and put up balloons.

Once again the use of old photographs to make placemats had gone down well - with the photograph to the right causing some discussion as to where and when it had been taken.

Derrick had added a couple of 'extras' to their standard breakfast menu and we all enjoyed a really lovely hearty meal. If you are planning on going there and trying it then unless you have a real man-sized appetite the small breakfast is more than adequate - all nicely cooked, good quality ingredients served with a smile!

The addition of some buck's fizz started a day of quite a lot of alcohol intake for Jane as she seemed to be given several bottles of Prosecco to get through and of course there was the bar we had secretly set up in the Lower Yurt for later!!!

Jane and John were following us to their mystery destination and we decided to take the scenic route traveling to Lysos via Akoursos and Theletra - the weather was changeable but not too bad and we could see some breaks in the cloud and so we were hopeful that we would be able to do a little walk in the afternoon.

Although we had had to tell John a little of what was happening Jane had no idea even when we arrived at the Yurts and had to walk up the field as it was too wet to get their CRV up the hill!!  I breathed a huge huge sigh of relief when she declared that she loved it - sawdust toilet and gas fired shower as well!!!

When we arrived the weather was overcast and grey but not raining - by the time we had shown them around the Yurt and had a little drink it had begun to deteriorate.  We sat in waiting for the rain to abate and thought it had sufficiently to walk so got geared up and started to make our way down the field.  To say it was wet was an understatement but we were undeterred and decided that a rain wasn't going to stop us.  We could see where the weather was coming from and we could see some improvement but weren't sure how long it would take to come to us but ever the optimists we soldiered on... did improve and we were glad we made the effort because the countryside was absolutely stunning and Jane had that gas powered shower to look forward to!!!!  Actually it was good fun and it would certainly provide her with a memory she wont forget in a hurry.

Back at base Jane and John met Caroline and her beautiful dog Endaxi who desperately wanted to come into the Yurt.  It was so lovely in there with the wood burner lit and we were warm if not a little damp!!!

A good time for some Prosecco and nibbles before John and I shot back to Droushia to pick up Mum and Dad.

Jane still had no idea about the evening meal and we waffled on about a taxi coming later but it was going to be a basic venue - nothing to get too dressed up for.

This was our weather on the way home - it was absolutely appalling and we prayed that it was confined to Droushia side of the valley and not poor Jane and John.  Mum and Dad had to negotiate their way to us through terrible weather and we were glad when they arrived safely.  They had not seen the Yurts yet and so couldn't wait to see what they had paid for...

We managed to keep up the pretense about the restaurant and I had time to get the Lower Yurt beautifully set up ready for Jane - the wood burner was lit and the candles were lit and the food was ready - like something out of an episode of MasterChef I managed to produce a half decent meal in a tent!!!

It was a fabulous evening, in fact a fabulous day and we knew that the riding tomorrow was in jeopardy unfortunately so we made the most of this very special evening together.  My thanks to everyone for helping me to make it a success.

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