Thursday, 31 March 2016

Friday - supper with good friends...

So we had some time this morning before we went down for pickleball so we had our normal gym session which doesn't seem to get any more enjoyable.  I go and I do and then I really really really enjoy my cup of lemon tea and biscuit!!!  I shall continue to do it because on Tuesday Janice said I looked like I had lost weight and we do soooooo much eating that cannot be a bad thing!!

I have some of my card making stuff out - it is there as a reminder that I need to get some cards made and I have set aside tomorrow to get started.  It would be so lovely if I had a craft room or a studio so that I could leave my stuff out rather than take up the dining table but I don't so I need to be disciplined about it!!!

John and I took time to have a look around the garden and have a think about how we want it to look once the last bit of the pool tiling has been completed.  Everything has started to grow at an alarming rate and the Solanums need a haircut before they get leggy - I managed the two small ones but will need to enlist John's help for the biggy as it is now considerably taller than me!!!

I have managed to find a home for the yellow collection of bulbs that Mum bought me for my birthday but I have a second lot which are pink that need to be found a place in the garden. Bulbs do really well up here and at the moment we have a mix of narcissi and anemones all doing well.  Shame they are short-lived.

On the subject of bulbs I can confirm that the crocuses Mum gave me on Valentine's day are now in full bloom and look lovely.  Once they have finished I will move them and plant them in the garden - as I said above bulbs do well here!!!

John decided to have a pre-game knockabout using the pool as a sort of mini squash court!!!

Charlie and Chivers formed a sort of partially interested audience although Chivers seems to be looking at something else and Charlie was clearly only passing through en route to the food bowl!!!

Boris on the other hand was chilling in the conservatory and not bothered by the activity outside - how comfortable does he look asleep in his favourite chair!

I bought some plants when I was out with Mum on Tuesday - some whirlygig Osteospurmum and some French lavender and I managed to get them planted out and watered in before we set off for Paphos.

It is a bank holiday here and John was expecting to pick up his car from the garage but we weren't sure if it was going to be open.  As it happens it was busier than on a normal day!!!

Friday afternoon PickleBall is a workout and a half and we love it.  Mum does exceptionally well and we all seem to up our game - today we started at 1.00 because badminton for John was starting earlier.

I thought that we would start early and therefore finish early but oooooooooh nooooooooo we played until 3.00 as normal and I was knackered!!!   I wonder whether I will be anything like as fit at 80 as Mum is - I hope it is in the genes - it had better be!!!!

John and I were out early this evening.  Fortunately John had his own car to make his way back to Droushia from badminton so I didn't need to wait for him to finish which meant that Mum and I could still go for a cuppa together before I went home.

This time we went to the bar at Sea Caves to check it out - we are always looking for new venues for when we have visitors like John's mum and dad who are regular visitors.

Mum said she had been here years ago and was amazed by the changes - it was quite nice although not quite as stunning as Oniros which is just down the coast.  We checked that out too but it isn't open and doesn't look like it is opening anytime real soon.

So this evening John and I, Di and Rob, Lou and H were meeting up at Fitos for a meal - and we couldn't wait as we love Fitos and we were starving and we haven't seen Lou and H for ages...

It was a brilliant evening - great food and great company and because we went out early we were home for 8.30!!!  We are all going out for a curry next week - that is if we ever find the place - the map drawing was probably at only GCSE standard!!!

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