Friday, 18 March 2016


Lots of flowers today - spring has sprung and the island is looking beautiful!!!

The other week we tackled our neighbours' garden as it was like a wilderness at the front.  Normally Stelios deals with the pool and the garden but since his accident at Christmas he has been laid up and we offered to look after it so that George and Pam had nothing to worry about.  We had spotted that there were some poppy seedlings emerging and we left them and so today we were greeted with a glorious display - so glad we didn't pull them up and now we will leave them to produce lots of seed so that they return next year.

One of my birthday presents was a bag from Lou and H which came with a set of pens so I could decorate it for myself and I did so this morning.  This little bag will be ideal to house my new camera when it is in my bag to try and protect it.  We didn't bother with a proper bag as they tend to be too bulky so thanks Lou and H you must have known!!!

Today we had no pickleball because Mum has manning or should I say womanning the refreshments at the Charity Shop where she helps out on a Friday morning.  What's New Pussycat was having an open morning.  They do a sterling job raising funds for the Tala Monastery cats and Mum has found herself a new career as a window dresser!!

I told her she should pass off the carrot cake she bought from Paps as her own as no-one would know it wasn't home made but she is too honest for that.  I had a piece - it was rude not too!!!

I was pleased that Mum said they had had a steady stream of people passing through the doors.  All too often these sorts of events pass unnoticed which is so depressing for those who put their time and effort into it.

When I got there there were singers outside and people enjoying the music, the sunshine and a cuppa and inside there were people browsing at the items that were on offer.  I know from previous experience when I belonged to the Soroptomists just how difficult it can be trying to raise money for charities and there are quite a few animal ones out here so people can feel a bit inundated but requests for help.  Anyway well done to all - hope it was a successful open day and let's hope people continue to support you though out the rest of the year because that is what is really going to matter.  Mum took the opportunity to take her leave when I arrived as she had done her bit for the cause.

My sister is going to pay for some plants for our garden once the pool project is completed.  We have some tidying up to do around the paved area and we want to put in a few more plants to fill the gaps.

Mum and I stopped off at the garden centre which is down the road from Paps to have a look at what they had to offer.  I want a couple of nice ivies but they aren't going to be in until next week.  There are lots of lovely plants in there but I have learned not to get carried away - just because something survives down in Emba doesn't mean it will survive up in Droushia!!

Mum and I took a little spin around the Mall before returning back to have a cuppa with Dad.  Their garden is looking a real picture - thanks to the hard work of Graham with the weeding.

At the moment there are some beautiful irises in bloom along the driveway which a very pale lilac centre and yellow ends.

Everything is a couple of weeks ahead of our garden and I have to keep remembering that areas of ours have taken a battering from poorly placed workers feet!

Whilst we were sat outside having a cuppa I caught something moving out of the corner of my eye where the potatoes have been planted (and are growing like mad).  I wasn't sure what it was but it had also caught the eye of the dog across the road who started running.  Then a bird flew up off of the ground and flew past me at a rate of knots.  This was then followed by a bang like a gunshot which could only mean one thing, the poor bird had flown head first into Effie's conservatory window.  When I got to it it looked very dead, it was lifeless and I thought maybe its neck was broken but one leg was twitching so I gently picked it up and cradled it in my hands - its poor little heart was pounding and it blinked like crazy.  Slowly it began to perk up but very slowly - it did sit with its head up so at least it had not broken its neck.  I moved it out of the way of any marauding cats and dogs and got some water which I dripped onto its beak and it did take a little water and then eventually it stood up.  After a while I picked it up and it stretched its wings a little and then without warning flew off into the potato field.  I was so pleased as it was beautiful and I think it was a Francolin.

We were out this evening at Fitos with our globe-trotting friends all of whom have just returned from India - Lou and H went first and then Mina and Claire.  Mina and Claire had not eaten at Fitos before and were impressed - you will see that my home decorated birthday cat bag also put in an appearance as it had my camera in it!!

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