Monday, 14 March 2016


The law of sod is that the weather has returned to what we had been experiencing prior to Friday - warm and dry.  Charlie has managed to find himself a cool patch on the side of the swimming pool - the glass tiles are obviously nice to sit on.

They are due to come and fit the 'white goods' in the pool today - the jet covers, skimmer etc and then the tiles will need a really good clean as it is difficult to see that they are actually green - a sort of jade green to be precise.

I was off to Art this morning - will miss next week as it is Green Monday or Clean Monday which ever you prefer and is traditionally a day for kite flying - I seem to remember last year the weather was poor and this year the forecast isn't much better unfortunately.

I like to do a headcount before I set off walking otherwise one or other of the cats is likely to try and follow me into the village and as they have little to no road sense we don't like to encourage them.  Boo Boo was sound asleep on his blinkie on our bed so there was little chance of him stirring and Charlie i had already seen so I was able to set off and enjoy the journey down to Sheila's - I took a different route this morning dropping down past the Vals' Houses onto the main road.

At Sheila's house I was greeted by some of her outdoor cats sitting sentry on their shelter patiently waiting for Klaus to pitch up with their dinner!!!

The current colony are pretty little things with several the colour of Boo Boo - maybe they are related as we were never sure exactly where he came from.  One of my particular favourites is the mottled grey on the left but I cant remember what Sheila calls him/her.

Both Sheila and I are working on pictures of people.  Very different sorts of pictures as we have quite different styles.  Sheila is tackling a picture of an old woman and charts her progress on her own blog which I would encourage you to read as you can see plenty of her other works there.

I am continuing to work on my study of a small boy picking up pebbles on the sea shore.  Body proportions and skin tones are proving a challenge but it is a sweet little picture and when properly framed should look nice.  It isn't being created for anyone in particular but hopefully someone might express an interest in it when it is finished.  We are trying to limit the number of my pictures that we have dotted around the house - in fact we are trying to pare down the amount of ornaments we have (dust collectors as John calls them)!

This afternoon John and I took a trip up to visit Orexi Elena.  She had decided that she had a nice simple recipe that she wanted to add to her proposed cookery book so John came along to sample Amoura's coffee making capabilities and be back up photographer.

Today I was recording the recipe for Saganaki which is basically baked tomatoes with feta.  Simple but delicious but without Elena's love of, and feeling for, the ingredients it just never quite tastes the same when I try it!  Anyway Elena good to see you doing what you do so well - cooking!

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