Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Sampling Beer...

On the left is my everlasting rose, the rose which I was given on March 8th at Molos when we went to celebrate my birthday and it was International Woman's Day.  The rose looks as good now as when I was given it and shows no signs of withering.

On the right is my beautiful orchid which John and Jane gave me for organising Jane's birthday - it is the most beautiful colour and so far, so good, it is looking healthy which is good because my track record with orchids isn't too good!!  I shall be asking Sheila about its care in the future because when it comes to keeping orchids she does exceptionally well, either that or I shall be calling on my lovely friend Joani whose father is the guru of all things to do with Orchids!!!

 I am also pleased to announce that my crocuses or should that be croci are just about to burst into flower and it looks as though they are. all going to be a lovely purply blue colour which will go well in the garden afterwards.  Everything is beginning to burst into life now and with warmer days and slightly warmer evenings everything feels so much better.  I did say to mum that with everything beginning to reopen after the winter break the island feels more like itself.

We were having a bit of a quiet morning because lunchtime we were going to the Brewery with Susan and John for lunch - they have not been there since they have started to do food.  Clearly we were not having such a quiet morning as Charlie and Minnie who, unusually, were snuggled up together like Ying and Yang on our bed.

Rob called round this morning as he had picked up our post and John and Susan's post after he and Diana had checked out of the Hotel having spent the night there.  He said that it was a great experience and that the hotel did them proud - he even rated the breakfast.  That was good news - we love the hotel and we love the fact it is in the village even though we haven't stayed there ourselves we use it as often as we can.

We can tell that spring is here as the goats have returned - we love to have them in the field next door even though they will herald an increase in ticks on the cats.  They are, if you pardon the pun, having a field day with all the fresh green that is available to them!

I had booked a table today which was indoors but as it was such a lovely day we opted to sit outside (thank god for dressing in layers is all I can say).  The Brewery was packed and we bumped into Mina and Claire, Jane Fellows and her husband from Droushia, Jacky Holt and her husband Kevin and the man from Mandria who is a Sheffield United supporter who we bump into periodically but generally at the Brewery!!

I have been asked to go and take some photographs of the food for the Brewery to use in some advertising bumph and have arranged to go next week so the ones today are just a precursor to the properly staged ones I shall do then.  John opted for ham, egg and chips which he said was very nice and exactly what it said on the tin.  John always says that the food looks very clean when it is presented.

John Read opted for one of the pies served with mustard mash and green beans.  He said it was delicious and really enjoyed it - not sure why I didn't take a photograph of Susan's chicken salad because it looked really nice!!

I opted for a pulled pork wrap with chips and coleslaw - I am a sucker for coleslaw and this was particularly good - you can't see my wrap as it is hidden behind the fabulous chips - not to self for next week make sure when you are taking a photograph that the main event is to the forefront of the photograph otherwise people wont have any idea what the photograph is all about!!!

It was absolutely scorching at the Brewery but by the time we were about the leave the clouds had gathered and the wind began to pick up which was the start of the bad weather we were about to experience all through the night.  We had a lovely lunch with John and Susan - we haven't seen them for a while and always enjoy their company so it was great to catch up.

We were greeted by a quartet of ginger whingers when we got home - they were all hungry and waiting to be fed - Charlie is facing the kitchen for a quick getaway!!!  It was a quiet evening indoors but wild one outside!!!

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