Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Slow News Day...

I think today is what you would call a slow news day as we didn't seem to do much which makes a nice change.  Every other Wednesday Eleni in the village holds a very casual conversational Greek lesson in her grill-house.  I had to miss last time as we had an issue regarding the pool project.  The numbers were a little reduced this week for one reason or another but there were still nine of us who turned up and it is good that the 'class' isn't too big so we manage to cover quite a lot in our hour.  Today we were concentrating on clothes and buying clothing and then we moved on to gong to the hairdresser and having our hair washed cut and blown dry!   People seem to be really enjoying the lessons and one positive thing is that my friend Marie is coming up with a friend to have extra lessons which is great for them and for Eleni and hopefully ultimately for the grill-house which was the whole purpose of starting it up.

We needed to go down to Polis to do some shopping as the cupboards are bare (except for the food parcel we got from Jane and John when they cleared out the apartment yesterday - for which many thanks).  As we got into the carpark in Paps we had to negotiate our way round this Nissan Micra which was parked very firmly right next to the NO PARKING sign - this is fairly typical in Cyprus where they locals like to park as close to the door as possible!!

We were in search of some crumpets - sadly the Polis branch of Paps doesn't seem to stock them any more even though we found a sign for where they used to be.  What we did find was Carnish Pasties!!!

We got our shopping done - rarely a chore in Paps except at certain times of the year when the butchery department is swamped but as they are supposed to be fasting for Easter now there was no queue there whatsoever and three butchers all vying for my business!!!

We have been having real trouble finding something the cats will eat - they run expectantly to their food bowls and then give it a sniff and walk away - this is so irritating and expensive as we seem to be throwing more food away than they are eating.  Yesterday dad gave me some prime lamb's liver for me to try on them.  Charlie ate it but that comes as no surprise as he eats just about anything, Boo ate it but Mins and Chivs gave it a stiff ignoring.

I thought I would see whether the butchers had a pig's liver because they sell a whole great big one for about €1.40 but they don't always have them.  Today I could have had as many as I wanted - I guess because of this not eating meat thing!!!  I really should have bought several because they have all woofed (or should that be miaowed) it down and are banging on the fridge door for more.  The same could not be said for the fish that we bought which got a stiff ignoring too - although I can't say I blame them as I don't like pangasius much either!

Yesterday I bought some Roman Blinds off of the internet - the windows either side of the wood-burner are small and I had struggled to find anything suitable since the red ones we got from Jumbos gave up the ghost.  I wasn't sure about the colour (sand) but once John put them up we thought they looked great and they were really good quality so I was chuffed that I had spotted them.

The woman I bought them from had some full length curtains to match so I think I shall check to see if they are still available as we could replace the ones which are between the lounge and the kitchen so that they match.

Even though we haven't really done too much today we are tired - I think it is all the socialising we have been doing recently!

I had made a stifado earlier this week so we decided that we would have an early meal, a glass of wine, a bit of Happy Valley and then retire to bed - we are out again tomorrow night but before that we have our couples massage which we won as a prize the other week and I can't wait as my shoulders feel knotty.

Mum says that she got Jane, John and Mike to the airport safe and sound - they will be en route home as I type this.

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