Thursday, 24 March 2016

Tea for Two? No Tea for Six...

The new blinds have proved to be a huge success - I wasn't sure on the colour so bought them primarily for the mechanism as it should have been reasonably easy to change the fabric but having got them home we rather liked them and this morning John was drawn to take a photograph as the sun was shining through.  The woman selling them also had several pairs of matching curtains at a bargain price so we reckoned we ought to buy them as we could replace the curtains between the lounge and the kitchen.

We had some time this morning to get on with a few jobs so I decided I should get on with finishing the signposts for the brewery now that my new pyrography pen has arrived.  I had high hopes of the pen as it seemed much more heavy duty than the previous one but I really struggled with the Restaurant sign but it was probably the wood as it seemed to be different than the others which I had used previously.

I eventually managed to get all six signs finished and they just need to be varnished for them to be complete.  I hope the Brewery will like them.

I just wanted to show you the rose which I was given last Tuesday at Molos.  They were handed out because it was International Woman's Day and I stuck it in a vase and over a week later it is looking absolutely stunning.  It may have helped that I split the stem but apart from that I haven't done anything else with it - normally if I have a poor track record with roses and they look limp and lifeless within about a day so well done Molos wherever you got them from you chose wisely!!

It was a lovely day today and deemed a day for spring cleaning.  John wanted to get into the pool and do a good old scrub before the water gets put in because once it is we will never get the opportunity again and I wanted to get to grips with the patio doors which got a right old battering when Bodge-it and Scarper were on the case.  There was concrete all over the place and stuck in the runners and the doors weren't running smoothly.

The pool project is now very near completion so we need to turn our attention to the garden which got pushed back to make room for the tiling.  We have started in the corner by the guest bedroom.  We now think it would be nice to get some really good furniture to go there - the existing two chairs only cost about €10 second hand and have seen better days although Charlie loves to sit on them in the sun.

This afternoon we took advantage of the prize we had won on the internet for a couples massage at Ambiental Touch in Polis.  Lou and H had been there previously and said how good it was so we were chuffed with our prize.

We were given a massive 'menu' of massage choices and rightly or wrongly (I am now today thinking wrongly as I am a tad tender) I chose a deep muscle massage.  Relaxing it was not until the end, because during the massage there were times when it felt rather painful and times when I wanted to laugh out loud because I have exceptionally ticklish legs.

I have a long-term issue with my left shoulder which Niki picked up on straight away and apparently my thighs needed work but I was struggling not to laugh at this point - it was definitely a pleasure pain experience for me.  John's masseur was Niku and he said that he felt fantastic afterwards so maybe this is something we should treat ourselves to every now and again.

This evening we were eating down in Emba at the local taverna by the church To Steki tou Thanasi.  Mum and Dad, John and I were meeting up with our friends Jackie and Costas - owners of the Tea for Two cafe restaurants.  We have known them for years and years and they, like us will be celebrating their Silver Wedding Anniversary later this year.  Jackie, Costas and Dad opted for the meze and I can honestly say I have never seen so much food and such varied dishes in a meze - there was all sorts on the menu - they never got to the end although Costas gave it a fair stab but even he had to wave the white flag in the end.

I wasn't able to take a photograph last night so I have taken this one off of their website - it is a very early photograph of the happy couple and my Mum just happens to be in the background!!!

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