Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Morning After the Night Before...

I thought that the relief of a job well done yesterday would have meant I would have a really really good night's sleep but that really wasn't the case and I was awake with things running through my head and disappointed to hear rain falling because it meant that the planned horse-ride for Jane and John wouldn't go ahead.  Mum and Dad stayed over with us for which I was very glad because it was quite late when we left the Yurts, the road is windy and the weather had been so awful at times.  Dad said he didn't sleep too well because he had eaten too much - although not good for him it was nice for me because it meant that my field-kitchen menu hit the spot and for that I have to thank Mum for introducing us to the lovely minted-lamb she gets from Jim Peck's butchers in Chloraka.

Mum and Dad did not stay for breakfast and John and I didn't really want any so we started the lengthy process of dealing with the pots we had brought back with us last night.  We didn't want Caroline to face a big clearing up job so we had tried to ensure the lower Yurt was left clean and tidy with only a few pieces of her own crockery having been used.

I then needed to turn my attention to the meal we were having this evening with Diana and Rob Veasey and Susan and John Read - this is a regular meeting of the ENAD massive and their WAGS.  It was my turn and I had taken the easy option of doing a Thai Chicken Curry which would be preceded by chutneys and relishes and poppadoms and then a chili and lime panna cotta for pud plus we had some of the carrot cake left over from last night and a selection of cheese and biscuits.  I had prepared the curry earlier and it was cooking away in the slow cooker so just had the relishes to prepare which was when I realised I had bought flat leaf parsley and not coriander which is a regular mistake of mine and you only have to sniff it or look at it closely to see that it is different.  That was the bad news but the good news was we had bought the poppadoms that can be successfully cooked in the microwave so I wouldn't have to get the frying pan out which is just as well as I then realised I had no cooking oil!

Although the early part of the morning had been quite miserable it was sod's law that by about 11.00 it began to brighten up although it was exceptionally windy still probably not the best weather for a horse ride so I left it with Jane for her to rearrange with Caroline for a better day.  Although it began to brighten up quite nicely and I managed to get washing out John decided that he would light the woodburner for one last time this winter because we were having guests this evening and he would never ever let guests be cold - he would rather burn a piece of furniture than have people shivering in our house!

The cats are not complaining because they love it when the lounge is warm and two of the boys were snuggled down on the sofa, Minnie Mou had not moved since we got up this morning and had stolen the warm bit after we had vacated.  Chivers was having a wander around the estate avoiding any confrontations if he could him being a lover and not a fighter!!

John was off to footie this afternoon to shout on the mighty ENAD and I had arranged to go and see Elaine after the rough week she has had since returning home from her holiday.  Sadly she has had to say goodbye to two of her cats, one appears to have been the victim of a hit and run accident outside her house and the other sadly was diagnosed with Feline AIDS and was put to sleep as it was in advanced stages even though he looked to be ok.  I know how gutted she will be feeling about this.  I shot off down to Akourdaleia to catch up with her and to hear all about her holiday in the Seychelles and catching up with her daughter Hadeel in Bahrain.  It was too windy to sit outside in her lovely garden to chat so we retired to the kitchen where Maisie was pleased to see us.

All their DIY projects seem to be moving along nicely now and I particularly like the new flooring in the kitchen which has replaced the one which erupted after the underfloor heating was left on one night.  Poor Elaine has not had a brilliant start to the year with a catalogue of unpleasant things happening so let's hope that is all behind her now.  I have promised that once we have got next week over with I will get her and Paul round for a meal as I had to postpone them coming on Thursday.

I realised as I was driving back home that despite the weather of the last couple of days Spring is here on the island - this is reinforced by the fact that the orchids have appeared - the most easy to spot are the Himantoglossum Robertianum which I think are probably the biggest and the earliest of the local orchids.

I have decided that if I get time tomorrow I am going to go and have a look in the field opposite to see if there are any orchids growing there as it is the right sort of terrain and to see if there is any asparagus left as that is where I saw our neighbour Andreas with a large handful.

John had gone to footie when I returned so I set about getting the house ready for our guests - everything was more or less under control - I just needed to lay the table and zap the poppadoms and we were in business.   I was beginning to feel a little bit jaded after everything that has been going on but looking forward to catching up with the WAGS - it will be an easy evening as it is about the company rather than about impressing anyone with my culinary talents!!

We started out in the conservatory - the evenings are beginning to warm a little and with the panel heater it warms up fairly quickly - we have yet to go and get some Kerosene so that heater is not in use at the moment.  No-one seemed in a rush to move and were keen to here about the Yurts and the birthday celebration.

We did eventually move to the dining table and the food seemed to go down really well - not much left so that is always a good sign!!!  Conversation flowed and before we knew it about 4 hours had passed and we always allow for Susan who likes an early night but she seemed in no rush to leave!!  A good time was had by all - particularly John who fell asleep on the sofa after everyone had gone - I did the washing up and took myself off to bed - it has been a long couple of days!

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