Friday, 4 March 2016

Thursday Part 2

It was another beautiful day so I persuaded Elena to come with me up to visit Caroline at the Yurts.  It was a hive of activity up there as the new bathroom is being erected and will be completed by the time Jane and John stay there.  They will still have to venture outside for their ablutions but they wont be quite so open to the elements and as we keep saying it is all part of the Yurt experience.  Well I hope Jane and John see it that way!!

We went down to see the horses which had been let out to grass and were now being brought in, well all except one who obviously wanted to eat more grass and then one of the mini ones scooted under the tape to go back for a second taste.

The proceedings were overseen by the one and only Dax - Caroline's beautiful dog.  Actually she seems to have adopted another who has appeared at the stables and will not go away - she has a sneaky feeling this one could be pregnant.  Dax and the newbie played together in the stables so they seem to get on ok.

The two stable cats were making the most of the last of the sun from the safety and comfort of what looks like a hay loft.

It is really beautiful where the yurts and the stables are located and at this time of the year with the lovely weather we are currently enjoying you couldn't wish for anywhere nicer - sometimes it is just too easy to take what we have on our doorstep for granted.

As we made our way back home we were treated to the most beautiful sunset before the sun disappeared down behind the mountains.  There must have been a bit of sand up in the atmosphere because the sky was just stunning.

It had been a lovely day with Elena - I am looking forward to the next recipe and it had been good to touch base with Caroline because I think I have my head round exactly what is needed to complete Jane's birthday celebrations.  I do hope she enjoys it because we have been so keen to provide her with an experience to be remembered.

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