Saturday, 30 April 2016

An impromptu Fish Barbeque

Boris has found himself a new bed which is not idea because he is sleeping in one of our coolbags!!!  He can make himself comfortable on a washing line bless him!!!  He is a bit miffed because up until today there were cushions on this box that he made himself very comfortable on thank you very much but they have now been moved outside which is where they belong!

I pinched some roses from Mum yesterday in readiness for Sunday when I host our regular Sunday Lunch with Klaus and Sheila.  Mum has some pretty spectacular roses growing in her garden but they are coming to an end .

We are hopeful that we will be able to sit outside for lunch tomorrow.  The weather has been fabulous but the forecast is for a bit of rain and we do tend to forget that it is only April!

I am not sure whether we will sit on the decking at the back of the kitchen or outside the kitchen door if we do manage to eat outside.  We currently have three eating areas in the garden and I am keen to make sure that we do use the outside space as much as possible because we are so lucky to be able to do so.  I have seen the forecast for the UK for the next couple of days and it is horrible with Siberian conditions over the weekend.  It might be cloudy here but the temperatures will still be pretty good for April.

John (does my bum look big in these shorts - no those shorts look mahousive now you have lost weight!) chose to clean the solar and PV panels today as we have had quite a lot of dust in the atmosphere recently and it affects the efficiency of the panels.  Having said that we have so much electricity in the bank we are putting things on for the hell of it at the moment otherwise the Cyprus Electricity Board will be the winners!!!

We were going to call into Elena's today for a quick coffee as they have released her from Hospital for the weekend but as it happens we ended up staying most of the day and having a barbeque with the family (save for Rabia who was on a very important footie weekend!)  As we walked up to her place we passed two lovely looking mares who are seemingly in foal - either that or they have eaten something which has left them with a bloated stomach!!

Lola has some new books - I was very taken by them - they are on the lines of the Dorling Kindersley books in the UK and I am thinking I might mug her for them to improve my understanding of the Greek Language!!!

I feel shamed by a sub 10 year old that speaks a smattering of a million languages when I struggle with my mother tongue!!

Anyway Elena looked better than I had anticipated and we felt really honoured to be asked to stay for lunch with the family and enjoy salmon cooked on the barbeque and salad and potatoes prepared by Amoura and yours truly!!

Needless to say that our plans, such as they were, for the day went out of the window and we weren't in the slightest bit bothered because you cannot beat an impromptu day like today!!!

We missed Rabia but were pleased that he had been able to go to Ayia Napa to a big football tournament even though he managed to go without his boots!

John and Bassam did the Alpha Male thing and manned the barbeque and managed to cook a salmon the size of Moby Dick!  Amoura cast her professional eye over my salad making but relinquished responsibility of the chip frying because she didn't like using the fat fryer.  I double fried through necessity and not choice but they turned out really nice!

We were joined by Kelly for the afternoon - she finished at the Droushia Heights yesterday and will be starting work at the Anassa shortly and she and Elena have known each other for a very very long time - it was a lovely relaxed afternoon and Elena did really well until her batteries ran out!

Impromptu days like today are the very best - relaxed and easy and some really lovely food, wine and company.  We are blessed and we should not forget that!

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