Thursday, 7 April 2016

Out for an Indian...

Today John embarked on a man-sized jigsaw puzzle - we have decided to 'clad' the bedroom wall on the outside where it meets the swimming pool - this is for both a practical reason (to stop water going onto the wall and soaking in causing damp) and for aesthetics (ours is the only villa on the estate with no external stone embellishment).

John has spent hours sorting out the stone and laying it out and chipping it away in order to get some sort of semblance of order so that it would make it easier for him to put it up later.

This might sound easy but there is so much to take into consideration so it doesn't end up in the pool and causes damage.

After last night's mirror-gate we are paranoid that something else is going to happen - that would be just our luck!!!

I had been detailed in to be Santa's little helper and if John asked me to jump I was to ask how high apparently!!!!  I could see that I would be in trouble for having the attention span of a goldfish as wall building is not my cup of tea!!

There was quite a lot of hanging around involved so I did actually get on with re-wording our sign which has been hammered by the winter weather.  We are so close to the pool being finished that we are beginning to look at the other areas in the garden and we are also beginning to think about what we might do for our Silver Wedding anniversary - if we are to do anything at home then the garden needs to be looking its best.  Still undecided at the moment but we have some ideas kicking around.

I have to thank my neighbour Sharon for the chocolate cake she made and left on the gate as it came in very handy for afternoon tea. We have great friends who seem to like to make us cake which is not a bad thing in my book and as we didn't stop for lunch needed something to keep us going through the day.

The temperatures have really ramped up today whereas it was sunny with a cold wind yesterday today it is hot hot hot and looks to be set like that for the foreseeable future.

John did a really good job and got the stone under the bedroom window all sorted and most of around the corner - and providing this remains adhered to the wall (which we very much hope) it will be ready to be pointed and then the pool can be filled.

After such a busy day we were well up for the Indian that Rob and Diana had recommended and which we were sampling with them and half of the Giolou Massive (Lou and H).  We went en masse for our big night out - nowadays we next to never go down to Paphos for a night out so we felt a bit like holiday-makers!!

Here we are all ready to place our orders - I am in the photograph although obscured by the flash going off in the mirror as I am behind the camera as usual!! I am not sure if they put us in the corner table because they thought we were going to be noisy!!!

Here I am the other side of the camera with Diana
all ready to sample my Chicken Tikka Masala with pilau rice and a peshwari nan...

 And here is the size of the naan breads!!!!!!!  

A good time was had by all - we always have a laugh when the six of us get together and it really did feel like we were tourists 

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