Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Room 101...

This morning rather unexpectedly we had a delivery of stone, unexpectedly because we thought it was coming tomorrow morning as planned.  Good job they rang early as they would have missed us and they were clearly en route when they phoned.  This stone is the final piece in the swimming pool jigsaw and will be a jigsaw of its own!!!!  We have decided to put some natural stone at the bottom of the bedroom wall where it meets the pool edge - this will have the benefit of (a) looking nice and (b) stopping any splashed water getting onto the wall and soaking in.

We quickly stowed the stone away safely and then went for our regular gym session.  Although it isn't my favourite thing to do I can begin to see the benefits and having read an interesting article about staving off dementia by exercise both physical and mental (they recommend learning a new language and I am trying!!) I am keen to continue for as long as I can!

I quickly called in to see Elena this morning - she wanted me to put a film Papadopoulos and Sons on a USB stick so her mum could watch it before she goes home.   I couldn't stay too long as we were off to Paphos and she had both the nurse come and another friend there so I walked back home the scenic route rather than through the village.

I was pleased to see bigfoot the horse again.  She has now been moved to the top of the village and into a field with plenty to eat thankfully.  She was near us until recently and I wondered where she had gone.

After pickleball I went with Dad to the opticians as my glasses most definitely need changing and Dad has to have his eyes tested regularly.  The optician I use is on the one way system in Old Town and it is now a real challenge to get anywhere in Old Town as they are digging up the roads.  The problem is they seem to be digging them all up at the same time so you have to circumnavigate for miles to get anywhere.  We ended up parking in the bus station and walking through.  It must be devastating for the business to try and exist whilst this work is being completed and it looks nowhere near completion plus the remaining pavement is so narrow and periodically punctuated with a lamp post which makes it nigh on impossible for some people to pass - Dad and I had to do a sort of vertical limbo to get by!  Both Dad and I have to have new prescriptions - they will be ready later this week but we have decided to go next Tuesday to pick them up.

This evening we went down to join Elena and Bassam as they were using their Alpha-Mega vouchers for a two night stay at the Droushia Heights.  They had been allocated room 101 which is the Honeymoon Suite.

Elena showed me round looking like a trolley dolly from the Price is Right!!!  We had a lovely evening - retiring down to the lounge for a drink and a gossip.  I know I shall regret the carafe of Kolios I shared with John tomorrow morning but it was so nice and relaxing just the four of us sat by the log fire.

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