Saturday, 9 April 2016

Saturday - Mum and Dad's 61st Wedding Anniversary

Today we had a busy day ahead of us with the wall before we were going down to Paphos with Diana and Rob for a celebratory meal with Mum and Dad for their 61st Wedding Anniversary.  I was just lounging about with hair like Wurzel Gummidge when Elena asked if I could get Amoura down to ballet in Polis.  That isn't a problem except I only had ten minutes to look half decent and anyone who knows me knows 10 minutes isn't enough - hell 10 years wouldn't be enough the state of me some mornings.  I made it though and managed to get her to her lesson about 2 minutes late which would go completely unnoticed here in Cyprus where time-keeping has a very different meaning.

There has clearly been some sort of purge going on in Polis because incredibly today there were absolutely no cars parked on the roundabout - this is unheard of!!!!  In fact around this part of town it looked deserted but in Paps it was bedlam - clearly the bank holiday the day before sets people into a state of panic!!!

I had a little time to spare before picking Amoura up and taking her back to Droushia so I wandered down to the sea to take some photographs - at the moment the island is at its absolute best - the contrast of blues and greens is fabulous and there is so much colour with the wild flowers.

I like this little beach which is very close to Polis and I often take a walk along it when John is at footie.  It all looks beautifully clean and tidy at the moment!

Back at Droushia Lola presented me with the original birthday card she made me but couldn't find.  She has depicted our four cats and it is lovely - lovely enough that I think I might just get a frame for it and put it up somewhere in the house.

She also introduced me to Kyra Sarakosti - a rather disturbing Easter traditional figure.  A woman with no mouth or nose, eyes closed and seven feet!!!!  Both Elena and I find her totally creepy but Lola was really happy cutting off one of her feet.

Lola also took me to see the new chicks that have hatched - all fourteen of them!  This is such good news as the other week two dogs savaged and killed most of Elena's hens leaving the bodies in the garden for the kids to find.  One remaining hen must have taken herself off up the road to lay and hatch out her eggs and now they have been brought to the safety of the Orexi Garden.

John had been working like a mad thing whilst I was out and had got on with pointing the stones and it was my job to clean them afterwards.  This is not a good job for your hands so I had lots of guff on them and double gloves!

We managed to work together really well without arguing for once!!!  It was a really hot day so we had to be careful with the sun - it being about the first day I exposed my arms to the elements!!!  John had also put Bacchus up and he looks fabulous - now we will look out for something similar for other places in the garden.

We had a fabulous evening at Gabors for Mum and Dad's 61st Wedding Anniversary.  Diana and Rob had not been there before and I think they were suitably impressed.

We started our meal with Kir Royales and then had the soup taster - cauliflower and delicious even though that would not normally be a vegetable of choice!

Next comes the crudites and canapes, the hot bread with garlic butter and tapenade all before our starters come along!!!

 I went for the duck salad followed by cod loin and passed on the pud because Mum just knew that they would offer them a confectionery concoction to mark their special celebration and then they gave Mum and Dad a small gift.

The evening was rounded off with brandies and orange liquers and everyone agreed that it was an excellent choice - we always say it is the one restaurant that has never let us down.


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