Saturday, 23 April 2016


Today we were having a day at home doing DIY save for an obligatory visit to the Supermarket because in true Mother Hubbard style my cupboards are bare!!!  This was until I got a phonecall from Elena who is feeling poorly again to ask me to pick up the girls and take them to Polis for her.  This was not a problem as I had planned to go down at some point to (a) do my shopping, (b) take a look at the Exhibit Polis Centre now that Janet Jinty has taken on its running and (c) deliver the signs I have made so far to C&A to get them out of the way.

I had some time before I was due to go so John gave me the job of cleaning the decking outside the guest bedroom and then treating it before putting furniture back on it ready for our visitor in three weeks.  Whilst I was doing this John was tiling the barbeque which is beginning to look really good.

It didn't take too long to get my job done - the decking looks so much better and we had opted for the Golden Brown (texture like sun. lays me down with my mind she runs, throughout the night, no need to fight, never a frown, with Golden Brown) colour which dries to a nice soft shade of brown which complements the stone walling and the tiles around the pool.  Whilst we were working this morning I heard bee eaters and could see them up in the sky - their arrival heralds the beginning of summer and I am sure it is too early!!

I picked up Elena's two girls plus a friend and delivered them down to Polis and then shot off to the Exhibit Centre to say hello to Janet and wish her luck with her new venture.  I actually gut up early and made her a card for the occasion!  This is slightly bitter-sweet because until Gillian was ill the other week she had always run the centre so it is because of this that Janet has taken over but fortunately Gillian says that Janet has been fantastic about including her in what is happening.  And must mention my neighbour Sharon who made the fabulous looking buns and cakes for the grand opening.

Whilst I was there I bumped into Diana and Rob and their visitors - or at least the male contingency as something in one of the shops had taken the eyes of the ladies so they were off with money in hand buying goodies for their holiday.

I thought it only fair to walk round the corner and take a look at That Nice Shop which moved last weekend into bigger and better premises - both shops are a great addition to Polis and I think they offer enough different things to be able to survive.  I was very impressed by Jeannette's new location - she know has a nice and airy and calming shop with lots of lovely things to take the eye of visitors and locals alike.

With chores done in town I returned home - it was absolutely scorching and John had worked so hard to get the barbeque almost finished - just a bit of cleaning and painting of the masonry paint remaining and it looks fabulous.

In fact the whole of the garden is coming together and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  We haven't been able to find the garden furniture we want for the decking outside the guest room so we are moving things around.

The old white chairs have come down from the roof terrace and are now back on the decking along with the exceptionally shabby chic table from 'up top' - these are the ones which we would like to replace with something more robust and preferably wood or rattan but we have failed miserably to find anything at all - comfortable, affordable or not - except something which is available from the North and which they do not deliver across the border.

The furniture which was outside the kitchen door and which has definitely seen better days has been moved to the decking at the front of the house for the time being (and fits there pretty well actually).

Finally John turned his attention to the table and chairs we got off the internet for a massive €20.  I have taken some time cleaning it all up and we found that the legs of the table needed some serious repair but John has done that and it looks pretty good in the garden at least for now.  It is my turn to do Sunday lunch next week for Mum and Dad and Sheila and Klaus and we are hoping we might be able to sit outside.

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