Friday, 1 April 2016

Thursday - chores...

Today we were having a day of getting things sorted as we were both at home and didn't have anything else planned.  We started out in Polis with a list which included gas, bank, vets, supermarket but not necessarily in that order!!!  Whilst John was swapping out one of our gas bottles at George's I had a poke around the back to see if he sold cut stone (more of that later) he doesn't as it happens.  John has managed to get our gas fire back up and running and we use it in the evenings to warm up the lounge now we have put the wood burner to bed for the season.  Good news - the price of a large bottle of gas has just about halved since we started using them!!

The weather today is horrible - we have a sand storm so it is close and muggy and visibility is poor.  It is making me sneeze and my eyes water - there have been warnings about it and it is very unpleasant and we would actually welcome the rain that is forecast to clear the skies although that then generally leaves everything in a mess because everything will be covered in a fine film of red dust.

On the plus side the heavy atmosphere keeps everything contained so wherever there are fruit trees in blossom you are treated to the most wonderful smell - this orange tree was in George's carpark - it is laden with blossom even though there is still fruit on the tree.  There are loads of these trees dotted around which bear the sharp oranges with a million pips that we see the tourists scrump and then regret their decision when they taste them!

Outside the bank there was a quartet of Ice Cream huts.  They are apparently there in readiness for the bank holiday tomorrow when the Island celebrates Greek Independence Day and Gelateria will be handing out free icecreams to the people who come down to watch the parade.  It is also Good Friday for the UK tomorrow - it is much later here in Cyprus falling at the end of April.

We quickly called into the Vets to drop off some old curtains which we have donated to one of the animal shelters here in Polis.  It is good to find somewhere that can make use of them rather than throw them away.

Our next port of call was the supermarket.  I thought the car we parked next to was worth a photograph - I think this is what they might call an invisible repair (NOT) - can you imagine this ever passing an MOT in the UK.  Someone clearly is desperate to listen to the radio!!!

 We then called into Glykkis as John wanted some DIY bits and pieces.  This is clearly what everyone else was planning for the forthcoming Bank Holiday as parking was chaotic to say the least so we did the sensible thing and parked around the back rather than on the traffic lights.

They have been doing some clearing around the river that flows and previously overflowed when it rained.  It is strange to see flowing water at this time of year particularly as the island is desperate for rain and the reservoirs are dangerously low.

Our final stop was at the DIY container which is opposite the turning to Arodes where my Greek is seriously challenged as the lovely Julia doesn't speak a huge amount of English.  We were looking for some cut stone to put around the bottom of the outside wall of the guest bedroom to finish off the pool project.  We managed to find out how much she had available and how much it would cost and, then whether we could have it delivered next Tuesday in the morning!!!  We shall wait and see as to whether we really did make ourselves understood but I am rather excited about the final piece to the pool jigsaw - I think, no I know, that this will just finish it off perfectly.

 I did a bit of card making on my return as Diana needed a card for a friend's birthday and had forgotten to get one when she was down in Paphos.   It is a good excuse for me to use up some of the card-making bits and pieces that I have in the cupboard.  I also need to make some Father's Day cards for Rebecca - I have until June but the way the days fly by I need to pull my finger out!!

Just wanted to show you the potato I bought in Paps today - I just had to have it even if it is green and manky!!!  I have Mum and Dad coming for lunch and so I shall be serving it with love!!!

So a lovely evening in with one of my favourite suppers - chicken and bacon salad.

I have been asked to do some food photography at the Brewery next week so I thought I should get some practice in!!!

John has been doing some research as to what makes a good food photograph and apparently it is all about angles, light and accessories!!!

Sod all that let's just eat the salad and drink the wine and then grab a bit of TV!!!

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