Thursday, 28 April 2016


Last night before we went to bed we took a photograph of the moon in all its glory - not full apparently but just about near enough.  It had been the most beautiful day followed by an absolutely balmy evening which is unusual this early in the year in Droushia and we took full advantage by eating outside and remaining there until it got quite late.

The garden is beginning to look quite beautiful at night - even though we have, over the years, lost a number of our solar lights we have some which John's mum has sent over for us which continue to work year in year out and the new hearts which she sent us have been erected over the arch and look beautiful and I am very grateful that she thinks about us and finds little things that make our garden look better.

We have also, for the first time, been able to test out the new pool light in the newly refurbished pool and that too looks stunning.  Our little house is not without its faults but we have worked heard with the money that we had saved up to make it as homely and comfortable as possible and I think we are step by step achieving our goal.  We have the comfort that it is all ours, bought and paid for and we are lucky enough to have our title deeds unlike many who live here and for that we are very grateful.

I needed to be up this morning to go to Kate's for a facial and whilst I was there John was going to do the shopping as I am cooking Sunday lunch for Mum and Dad and Klaus and Sheila on Sunday.  As I got out of the bed and went to get the early morning coffees my spot was commandeered by Charlie who is turning into a really nice cat these days - he seems to have got his spitefulness under control - I think he has finally worked out where he sits in the pecking order and is happy with that.

Schmoo-Schmoo-Minnie-Mou is a very complicated cat and after something spooked her a couple of years ago she seeks and takes affection very firmly on her own terms but just recently in the mornings and at night she seeks me out and comes for a cuddle and this morning John got me to take a look at her lying on our bed legs akimbo clearly feeling comfortable and unthreatened which is good to see.

It was a warm sultry morning with thick cloud, or maybe sand, cover above - unlike the days that we have had recently and I was really looking forward to my little bit of pampering at Kate's.

Her salon has a little veranda which is beautifully decorated and provides a little oasis in the centre of the town.

I sat on the veranda whilst Kate prepared the treatment room and then I had a lovely facial and a little reflexology and all my cares were massaged away.  An hour of tranquility, an hour of me-time which I shall try and make sure I can afford for as long as possible - this is my treat to myself!

We called into Glykkis on the way back and bumped into Paul (Elaine and Paul) who was picking up bits for the electrics in their new utility/cooking room which is part of their kitchen refurbishment.

We are hoping to catch up with Elaine and Paul next week - we haven't seen them socially for a long time even though they are just down the road.

John picked up some wood stain so that we can do the decking in the front garden and, after a lot of discussion managed to find the blue paint dye that Sharon wanted for a project she has embarked on involving painting the courtyard concrete in a Moroccan theme.

Before we knew it the morning had been and gone and we sort of wrote the rest of the day off as we have been so busy of late.

This was not a bad thing as we were going out later this evening with Irene and Dennis, Rosie and Chris and Susan and John.

We were trying to decide whether or not we needed to put up some of the gazebo curtains in readiness for Sunday and in so doing answered the mystery as to what had happened to the bunting which used to hang on the gazebo by the barbeque.  In one of the bags housing the curtains we found the bunting - good news I had not thrown it away as John had thought!

Sadly Rosie and Chris could not make the meal this evening, Chris fell over last week and could not come so it was only the six of us who descended upon To Steki in Kathikas.  We haven't been for ages so it made a nice change and it was good to get together.   Not a late night which is good but we have decided we will go to the Gym in the morning so no lie in for us!

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