Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Tuesday - new haircut!!

I shall start today's blog with a picture taken last night of the new solar lights my mother in law sent me and they are fabulous - we may have to stop aircraft trying to land at night but hey that is a small price to pay!!!  We are mid discussion as to where they should actually be placed permanently.

We had a million things we wanted to get done in Paphos today so we set off early with a list so that nothing got forgotten - I seem to have left my memory sitting on my old desk at Porter Dodson - I am rubbish and it drives John mad so if I have a list then that is a start and I stand a half chance of making sure we get done all the things we are supposed to get done!

Anyway one of the first stops was at the stone place where we had looked at two plaques to put on the outside of the bedroom wall but having been back and looked at them I wasn't so sure that they were exactly what we were looking for.  Dionysos seems to have been cast with quite a lot of detail but the two plaques we had chosen were sort of primitive and looking at them again I didn't think I wanted to live with them but we saw another plaque that we both really liked but we weren't able to order it because we want it in coloured concrete and we needed to speak to the woman in charge and she wont be in until Friday - this is not a problem as we will be back down that way again on Friday.

Our next stop was to go to the aluminium men and next door to the glazier to get a piece of mirror cut to replace the piece that shattered the other week.

Outside were some beautiful pieces of wrought iron work which had glass attached to the back of them.  I am not sure if these are to be windows or doors but either way they were stunning.  This is the sort of thing I would like to replace our wooden gate in due course although I am not sure if this is what John has in mind!

We have decided to wait until the current gate dies completely before we replace it - unfortunately the wooden gate swells and shrinks according to the weather and it drives John nuts but at the end of the day it is only a gate and it looks nice and it makes me feel safe and secure so a bit of shaving off the bottom in the winter followed by a gap in the summer seems a small price to pay!

We worked our way back up the Polis Road calling into the Kolios Butchery to pick up a carton of wine.  Now that it has got a lot warmer we are moving to Rose as the box we have on tap in the house.

The resident Kolios Cat was outside bless it.  I have seen it there on numerous occasions - it doesn't go inside but sits dutifully outside ever hopeful of some sort of goodie coming in its direction!

So far so good, most items on the list dealt with, ticked off or moved to Friday and no recriminations for missing something!

We had a particularly successful visit to Carrefour which included me finding a pretty pair of floral pumps for €2.00!! and this was followed by a similarly successful visit to Lidl where the items we were looking for were cheaper than expected which is always good!  This was turning into a very successful day all round!

We then went to G&P's in Chloraka where we had got our pool tiles as we were looking for some tiles for our conservatory.

Once again the gods were clearly smiling upon us as they were just reducing some granite tiles from €35 a square metre to €9 a square metre and they were just the sort of thing we had been looking for so RESULT!!!  We ordered what we wanted and paid to have them delivered which should be later this week - I am very excited because I absolutely hate the piece of carpet that we moved from the lounge and put into the conservatory.  I must have been going through a very beige period at the time we chose that carpet - it is boring boring boring and I will be very happy when it is gone.

I dragged Mum along with me to the Mall this afternoon because my lovely lovely hairdresser Lumi has started working in the new salon that has opened there and I was booked in for a long overdue haircut.

My friend Gillian had posted a picture of a very short hair style on the internet and I thought it was time for me to have a short, short cut for the summer.

Lumi was unconvinced - she thought it was a little too short but I was more than happy - it can never be too short for me and it should be easy for me to look after.

We were a little later leaving Emba than normal because Mum and Dad are considering joining a private ambulance scheme and the guy was coming to talk to us all about the service they have to offer.  Apparently the standard ambulances here are not manned by what we would know as paramedics they are simply manned by people that get you to the hospital but this private service does have properly trained paramedics so this is a positive step.

My friend Elena is still in hospital in Nicosias and she had called me to ask me to run an errand for her in Polis so we called in to her house on our way home.

She has fabulous kids and you know me I don't 'do' children but Rabia commandeered John to play footie, Lola rushed off to get me a cold drink and Amoura busied herself trying to find the paperwork I needed, Bassam was busy watering and feeding the chickens and the rabbits!  They would have kept us there indefinitely if we had not extricated ourselves to go feed the cats and have some tea ourselves.

 The cats were STARVING when we got home and all sat patiently in the kitchen waiting for their daily dose of pigs liver which is currently their favourite.

We, on the other hand, had what is quite possibly my favourite - bacon and brie salad with roasted red peppers.

It had been a busy and successful day - no shipwrecks and nobody drownded - nothing to laugh at, at all!!

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