Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Wednesday - A very busy day...

We started early this morning - loads of things we wanted to do and Minnie Mou came jumping on our heads early doors so we gave up, got up and fed the cats and then got on with jobs in hand.  The first one being to reinstate my wall in the garden where I hang all little bits and pieces either given to me or made by me.  Tick, another job done and the list is getting shorter (until we add new things to it).

The second decking area is now more or less complete and we have been able to move tools and DIY bits around the corner and clear as we go but it is all beginning to come together very nicely.  The garden is fundamentally divided into distinct areas, the decking outside the guest bedroom being one, the decking by the barbeque another and they have a different look and feel but hopefully complement each other.

I had to shoot down to Polis to run some errands - one for Elena, the rest for me and would you believe I forgot to do one of them and had to turn round and go back!!!

On my way home I had the drivers side window open and could not believe it when a bird flew straight in and straight past my head and then thumped into the closed passenger window filling the car with feathers.  I was saddened to see that it was one of those little black capped birds which had more than a headache - its neck was broken so I had to take it out and put it in the verge.  I hate it when that happens - poor little thing - if I had only had both windows open I am tipping it would probably have flown all the way through unscathed.

I called in quickly to drop some crumpets off at Sheila's which Mum and I had managed to get from Paphos yesterday - not just any old crumpets M&S crumpets - the best!

I then quickly dived in to see Diana and Rob and say goodbye to their friends who have come to the end of their week's stay - blimey that has flown by really quickly.  Diana had been busy baking and I went home armed with some special chocolate cake for John for which he says many thanks!!

On my return home I had to make a quick U-Turn AGAIN but this time to go down to the Droushia Hills Taverna and show the man delivering our tiles where they needed to be unloaded.  This is brilliant service as we only ordered them yesterday lunchtime.  These are going to go in the conservatory at some point but were such a bargain we decided to snap them up there and then.

We have temporarily found somewhere to store them because this project will need some thought - we have to make sure we can keep the cats out of the way and that isn't going to be easy as the conservatory is a major thoroughfare.

Although John will moan about his never ending to-do list he clearly relishes DIY tasks like this and he has been so brilliant at visualising how to make our home more comfortable and attractive and then bringing those visions to life the only trouble is I make for a very poor builder's mate and he gets infuriated by that - unfortunately I am very clumsy, have poor eyesight and the attention span of an amoeba if I am none too interested in the job I have been allocated.

As we have dispensed with the wood burner for the winter John has been busy building a stage over the wood boxes to make it look a bit neater and to give me a surface onto which I can craft outside if I want to - this will save his bench!  He had a load of wood left over from the cover that was put temporarily over the pool over Christmas so he was keen to put it to some use.  This is not completed as we plan to put some of that waterproof table cloth material over the top.

We have found a home for the solar lights which John's Mum sent us.  The blue ones have been placed on the wooden 'A' frames which are up against the gazebo outside the guest bedroom and then, after a great deal of discussion, we managed to agree that the heart shaped ones should go round the archway where the large gecko is located.

It was exceptionally hot today and by mid afternoon we were knackered so decided to stop, settle down in the shade and have ourselves a little cold drinkie or two!  Big mistake because once we had sat down we didn't really want to get moving again but managed a shower before sitting back down with a good old salad and bottle of rose for tea.

It was a good day all round and we managed to achieve quite a lot.  It has certainly been unseasonably warm and we can't remember such a warm evening for April and no condensation to make everything damp.

Anyway, it would appear we will have visitors this Christmas - great news - a Skype call tonight confirmed it!

A sad postnote - Victoria Wood passed away today - only 62 - great shame 

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