Friday, 13 May 2016

final finishing touches

The weather today is still not what we would have hoped for and the rain which has made its way down the garden walls makes it look like a barcode - not sure what that would mean the woman's head costs now but remember when I bid for her and her matching pair at Vickery's in Ash in Somerset the two of them were secured for the bargain price of £6.00 and they have traveled with us in our various gardens.

The day began with a thunder storm causing a short power outage but enough to reset the alarm clock and so we were late waking and decided the forego the pleasure of a gym session in favour of clearing up and catching the sun to help.  Cushions which had been left out were soaking wet so I hung them in various places where they would get maximum sunshine in the hopes that they would dry off the wind was certainly strong enough to help and, as it happens, although it wasn't overly warm up in Droushia I did manage to get most of these things dry enough to bring indoors and finish off in the conservatory which is a godsend on occasions like this although can resemble a Chinese laundry at times.

Yesterday John took down all the roof voiles so that the inside of the glass got a good clean.  This did, of course, mean my insect collection got disturbed and ultimately hoovered up but heyho it will begin to amass again as the stupid things manage to find their way in and then fail miserably to find their way back out.

The conservatory is our most favourite room in the house and we are so very very glad that we made the decision to join the buildings in this way.  As an investment it is, along with the photo-voltaic panels,  the best money we have ever spent.

We shot down to Polis to do some last minute errands and to get a bit of shopping in - it was a sultry 26 degrees down there and very muggy after the rains and it was clear that we had come down from them there hills because I had jeans on and regretted that decision immediately!!!  We decided that if all else fails when Debra is here we can just chase the sunshine.  From our vantage point up in them there hills we can see if the sun is shining in Polis or Argaka and if it is then we will go and find it.

On our return home we decided that there wasn't really much else we could do in readiness for our visitor.  Everything was still pretty wet outside - John did temporarily replace the pipe that takes away the excess water from the butt and put it so it feeds the fruit trees which means it will be directed away from the front door which is good.  We decided to have a quiet hour or so before getting ready to go down to Paphos and then the airport so Boris our headless cat came for a lie down on John's lap!

We had some good news that Elena was being allowed home this weekend and bless her, she and the family called in on their way back to Orexi HQ bearing gifts of some crumpets for John.  We were pleased when they reported back that the house was none the worse for the windows having blown open but I am still not sure whether grey bunny has returned.  John said risking life and limb up the ladder was more than worth it for the reward of the crumpets!!!

We set off for Paphos and passed through some pretty fierce storms which looked to be heading Droushia way but actually when we got back hadn't seemed to have got as far as us thank goodness.

Anyway we went down a bit early so that we could pick up a couple of things in the Mall and grab a sandwich before heading off to the airport.  The flight was due in at 9.45 and then we would have to wait for Debra to collect her bag as even though she had come with hand luggage apparently EasyJet had got a whole load of passengers to put their hand luggage in the hold so that was going to make it later before she got through.

We sat at the Base to watch her flight come in - that is the flash of light on the right of the picture!!  Having seen it land it was easier to try and judge how long it might be before she emerged - it wasn't too long and whilst we were at the airport we bumped into Suzanne (of Chris and Suzanne) who was waiting for visitors coming in on the same flight so we had a chat with her.

We got back to 10b safe and sound and Debra eased herself into her holiday and reacquainted herself with Charlie who was the newbie the last time she came and to Boris who is the newbie now.

Two years to catch up on meant we had a very late night, or rather early morning!

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