Friday, 27 May 2016

Happy 50th Birthday Bassam

After our normal Friday gym session with Mrs V at the Droushia Heights Hotel followed by a quick trip down to Emba for a pickleball session and a half (there being only four of us today and doesn't my body know it) we raced home to prepare for Bassam's 50th Birthday BBQ which we had offered to hold at our house.

Elena was having to go to treatment in Nicosia this afternoon and she and Bassam would come as soon as they could and bring Uncle Stavraki and Aunty Friday with them.  We had offered for the kids to come earlier as they were itching to get in the pool, this would leave Elena's mum free to make Bassam's favourite cake for his birthday.

We called into Orexi HQ to pick up plates and platters and Lola was ready with her swimmers on and complaining that she couldn't wait for mum and dad to get back to go for a swim because it would be too late and it would be too cold.  So we said if they gave us half an hour to get sorted they could walk round and have swim.  About 29 minutes and 59 seconds later they pitched up!  John wanted to know how the pool and surrounding areas would fare when used in earnest and this afternoon he got to find out.  Looks like the levels are good - no flooding anywhere and the non-slip tiles did their job.

The kids decided to catch the remaining sunshine by lying on the roof tiles which has given John yet another idea about a sunbathing area!!!  Actually it was a good job the kids came early as Elena's treatment was pushed back from 1.00pm until about 3.00pm so they were a lot later arriving than we had hoped and John was beginning to panic that the barbeque was going to have burnt out before they came.

Sadly it was too cold to eat outside as we had organised so we brought everything indoors and we made the best of it in the conservatory which was fine but the house now stinks of fish!!!  The barbeque comprised a side of salmon, two massive massive sea bream, some red mullet and a few crocodile fish along with some of Bassam's fabulous chicken skewers.  To go with this we had Cyprus potatoes, salad and coleslaw, dips and pittas.

Elena's mum had brought along Bassam's favourite cake which was an apricot and almond marzipan confection and even though I don't like marzipan he wouldn't let me duck out of having a slice as he said he would eat my marzipan.  Not that he has a sweet tooth but he does have a very sweet tooth!!!

We wanted to get Bassam something to keep for his birthday so as he is a gadget and tool guy we got him a Swiss Army Knife with lots of blades and things for him to use and Diana and Rob got him a selfie stick as he just loves to use his phone and take pictures - we just have to work out how it works with his camera now!

His birthday hat went down well and it was quite a laugh watching him get in the car with it on and it being too tall - Dr Zeus sprang to mind.

It was really good that Elena managed to make it and that the family were all together - I now it wasn't the celebration she had envisaged for Bassam but hopefully it took the pressure off of her trying to do something - the food was nice and the company good and the conservatory came into its own keeping people warm.

Good night then to a wonderful family who make living in Drouseia such fun - so very glad we met and we were able to help out today.

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