Sunday, 15 May 2016

Last Castle

Grabbing a second to quickly catch up on the blog for today, Sunday, when I managed to shirk my responsibilities and get out of cooking lunch.  We had decided to take Debra to the Last Castle (Viklari) and meet up with Mum and Dad and then because Diana and Rob hadn't been able to get there with their visitors asked them to come too.  It was looking quite dodgy a couple of days ago as to whether we would still go - it is not a place to eat when it is raining as there is no shelter this time of the year when the overhead vine is sparse.  When I got up to feed the cats at 6.30am it was a glorious morning but as it wore on the clouds gathered and it looked decidedly iffy here but Mum said it was ok down their way.

We had booked for an early lunch which turned out to be a wise move because I don't think I have ever seen the Last Castle so busy - in fact with the number of cars in the carpark it looked like everyone had driven separately!!!

It was up to its normal standard even with the hordes of diners - apparently the pork was fabulous but Debra doesn't eat pork so stuck to chicken and I just love the Fasoulia there so I had that.  Our food was accompanied by beautifully cooked chunky chips and a nice fresh salad.  Simple food well done - who could ask for more than that?

It was a lovely afternoon - not too cold even though there was a stiff breeze and we all had plenty to eat and drink and a lot of laughs.

We stopped on the way home to partake of an ice-cream (our pudding) at a place which has such a fabulous view and then took the scenic route back home on the Akoursos Road hoping to catch the Winery before it closed but failing - guess it must close around 3.00pm on a Sunday at the moment.  We had then thought we would scupper a carafe of wine on the terrace at the Hotel only to find it packed to the gunnels as the Droushia Dixie Seven were playing. So we made do with a quick drink at O Stathmos before returning the Veaseys to their abode.

We decided to stay for a quick coffee and for Rob to show Debra around the house and where Mum and Dad will be living in their dotage (JOKE).  The wind had dropped sufficiently that we were able to sit outside and have our coffee and although the skies were cloudy it was ok and we are hopeful that tomorrow will be an even better day - we have a quiet one planned.

John was keen to get back and watch the footie and as I had been up at 6.30am to feed the cats I was happy to just chill on the sofa in the conservatory with Debra - it was really quite nice and warm in there!

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