Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Lunch at the Brewery...

The weather has improved as Debra's visit goes on unfortunately my cold has not - I cannot believe that we are in our sixth year and this is only the second cold I have had - sadly the SNIPS have not worked their magic and I know that there is more to come - I soldier on - John tells me to 'man-up' and I am trying!  I am not so bad during the day but by the evening I am done in!!!

We had planned lunch at the Brewery today and whilst waiting for Debra to rise and shine I take the opportunity to catch up with the blog - the photographs help otherwise I forget what we have been up to.  John is busy cleaning the pool and skimming the wildlife from the top.  Unfortunately one of the lovely dragonflies had gone to meet its maker and so I rushed off to get the net to rescue it.  As I bent down to pick it up my centre of gravity shifted probably due to my fuzzy head and I went tumbling to the ground and I just don't know how it happened.  I shall get a bruise for sure - how fetching.

Break-dancing over we got ready and set off for the Brewery.  We were meeting Susan and John who had gone down to Paphos to pick up Susan's dad and his partner.  Good job we booked a table because the outside was packed!

We had a lovely afternoon.  Susan made friends with a lovely little black Cyprus poodle puppy which I think she would have taken home with her given half a chance.

Debra got to grips with one of the mega burgers which I think was even larger than she had anticipated.

Susan's Dad got one of the paddles of beer so that he could taste them and rate them before he decided which were his favourites - unfortunately the two he really liked were unavailable to take home as a carry-out.  The beers are just becoming too popular!!

This evening we decided to venture down to the Droushia Heights Hotel for a carafe of wine - it was such a beautiful evening and I had forgotten that it was the name-day for the church in the village so there was a lot going on with stalls and celebrations.

We think we may have found Debra's next car as we walked down through the village - the exterior of this Triumph was fabulous but inside it needs a bit more care and attention but I always wanted a Herald convertible when I was in my early teens because my first love and hero, Martyn (the boy next door), had a yellow one when he first passed his test.

There was a fabulous sunset this evening and we took the opportunity to take this photograph out on the terrace of the hotel but there was a chill in the air and so we decided to sit indoors to drink our wine.

The end of another lovely day and with the prospect of some footie on the TV John and Debra were keen to get settled on the sofa and I retired to my bed - dosed up with SNIPS and hopeful that I would feel better tomorrow.

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