Monday, 2 May 2016


Strange skies today - it was bright but the wind was quite cold - let's hope if we have storms hanging around that they get themselves sorted before we have our visitor next week.  We are bound to have some sort of gale force something or other because we have put the gazebo covers on and they are just about on their last legs - we want them to survive one more season before we look at replacing them.

Art today and I am nearing completion of my ballerina picture which is going to be given a home by Sofi our Belly Dancing teacher.

I have a little of the background left to complete and then I want to go back and do some highlighting on the dress but then it is done and I need to find something for my next picture!

Sheila is starting one of a kitten - not in pencils this time so that is something a little different for her.  I am undecided about my next subject - I think I need to go out with my camera and capture something that in turn will capture my imagination but I am not quite sure what!!

Anyway we passed a very pleasant morning together working on our respective pictures before being summoned to lunch which today we took outside.  The wind was still keen but it was warm enough and always nice to be outside when we can.

Klaus's turn to be chef today and apparently I had stolen his thunder yesterday by having coleslaw on the menu but I don't mind I can eat that any day!

Our lunch today was some really lovely lime marinated chicken with potatoes and coleslaw and were in not for the fact that only a few hours later I have to wiggle and gyrate at Belly Dancing I could have eaten seconds, thirds and fourths!!!

I stopped at seconds but happy in the knowledge that John would be munching his way through some leftover pulled pork and coleslaw at home and not scratching around for a sandwich which sometimes happens on a Monday.  I didn't know at the time but he was still in Polis running errands which included taking Kenny Kembara for his MOT which he passed and was done whilst John waited at Andreas's testing centre down the road.

Sheila and Klaus have a beautiful and fascinating plant in their garden which they call the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow plant and whose real name is Brunfelsia Latifolia and the flowers last for three days and change colour each day.  The first day they are purple, the second day they change to a pastel lavender shade and on the third day they change to an almost white colour.  I would love one of these in our garden but am not sure exactly where it would go as I have to ensure that plants whose blooms drop are not situated near the pool where they can become a menace and give John a right old headache!! plus the garden is pretty full at the moment but there is always room for something a little unusual or colourful.

I started to walk back home through the village which was its normal sleepy self although there are some signs of the forthcoming Easter celebrations - I am a little concerned that the sign for Christ is Risen appears to be lying on its side - I could be wrong or maybe no-one else has noticed!

I had almost got all the way home when I heard the familiar sound of Kenny Kembara coming along and John returning from his mammoth morning in Polis - he seemed pretty happy that he had got everything sorted that he wanted to get sorted but hadn't at that point had his lunch!

I spent the afternoon working on some signs that I have been asked to make.  This one is for Elaine and will be a prize for when she has her charity afternoon to raise funds for the Polis Animal Rescue Neutering Programme which has helped her immensely with the feral colonies in Akourdaleia.

Elaine is keen to raise some money to help replenish the coffers and I have offered to give her a hand with the posters, tickets etc and will make a cake or donate one along with the sign which can become a raffle prize.

I have the remainder of the signs needed for the C&A apartments plus a sign which Elena has asked me to make, one which Kate has asked me to make and one which Lou has asked me to make so with the season of visitors fast approaching I thought I had better pull my finger out!!!

We had belly dancing tonight - Sofi has recovered from her stomach bug thank goodness but we were down on numbers so that there was only Diana, Cara and I there shaking our booties!

I asked Diana to come with me to check on Elena's chickens and her bunnies - not a bloody chicken to be seen anywhere and the bunnies had escaped their hutch.  I managed to catch the grey one but it kicked out at me so I let him go as I couldn't work out how he had managed to escape.

I went home and brought John back with me - with a torch we could see that some hens and chicks had taken themselves off to bed but the bunnies were partying in amongst the scaffolding so no chance of catching them tonight.

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