Thursday, 26 May 2016

More food...

So the estate is a hive of activity at the moment as the people in 2B are having a whole load of work done so this morning a cement lorry pitched up.  They are having the steps which go to the upper bedroom replaced but rather than have the old elephant's trunk it looks like they are barrowing in by hand so that is going to be a long old job and it is going to be a hot day today.  They have also had the old liner ripped out of the pool so that is going to be done too.  Nice to see the house being restored after it being empty and unused for such a long time.

Elena asked if we could pick up Amoura from school today.  Amoura has her grade 4 piano exam in Paphos this afternoon and needed to get home quickly.  We were going to Paps shopping anyway so it wasn't a problem for us to swing by the school to get her - a bit of a new experience for us waiting at the school gates not having had children!  Anyway we were a little early either that or the teachers were keeping them in to the bitter end so we parked up under the beautiful Jacaranda trees which their fabulous purple flowers. Would love one in the garden but (a) they grow too big and (b) the flowers are bound to cause a lot of mess!

All along one side of the walls there is a long mural - not sure the Elysium hotel is looking it's best in this one!  I wonder if it is an attempt to channel the kids' desire to graffiti all over the place?  I think it is probably the older kids (post school) rather than those attending who are the culprits!  Anyway this mural makes a pleasant change from the 95Boom or Gate9 tags that appear all over the place and most commonly on road signs.

There was some excitement whilst we were waiting as it would appear that a fire had broken out in the car park at the back of the now empty Orphanides building - big enough to send plumes of smoke across the sky and for the fire brigade to attend.  It didn't seem to worry the young lads and their football lesson who continued despite the acrid smoke filling the air!  Health and safety doesn't apply here!

Today John finished the sanding and staining of the second steamer chair and we have now located them on the decking outside the guest bedroom in readiness for tomorrow when we are having a bit of a 'do' here for Bassam's 50th birthday - that is if Elena copes ok with her treatment and gets back from Nicosia in good time.  We are really glad we got the chairs now as they are looking great - we may well give them a second coat of stain if we get a minute but for now they are done, done and comfy and exactly what we had hoped to get so big ticks in boxes all round.

We were out again this evening - after this week we are going to become two Olympic torches and never go out - or at least not for a while because neither our stomachs or our wallets can cope!  This evening we were venturing into almost unknown territory as we were going out with Mum and Dad to meet Jackie and Costas and this involved a sortie into Bar Street!!!  This used to be such a vibrant part of town and now looks rather sad and in decline with so many places shut.

We met up with Jackie and Costas at Agapinor restaurant to celebrate their forthcoming silver wedding anniversary.  We had arranged to meet at 7.30pm but in good old Panteliotis style they arrived at 8.00pm!!  Still we had a lovely evening - we always do with them.

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