Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Mr Plumber Plumber Man 

We have had some really beautiful weather up until today which is just bloody typical as we have Debra arriving on Friday and it looks like the first couple of days are going to be, not to put too fine a point on it, SHITE and to make matters worse it looks like the UK is having a few nice days so it will probably feel cold and shite.  I am revising the bedding - layers is the way ahead.  Anyway I digress a little because this morning Mr Plumber Plumber Man finally gave us a quiet water pump for which I am very grateful.  

Our water system uses pumped water so when it is demanded (shower, toilet flush, washing up) then it pumps the water from the cylinder in the cupboard in our bedroom - simples!  When we first arrived our pump used to go off randomly and we struggled to work out what was demanding the water but it meant we had to switch it off at night otherwise it would wake me when it suddenly lurched into action and then the poor thing got struck by lightening so we had to replace it and the new one made the most incredible noise that we got used to but which horrified the plumber and so we decided to go for a brand spanking new one which he assures us will be quiet and I can't argue because the toilet flush makes more noise than the pump - result!

Best laid plans and all that, today was our Ladies Lunch which was being held in Finnikas in the village and where we had hoped to sit outside in the pretty courtyard and John, Dad and Klaus were sampling the food at Stathmos sitting out on the terrace but where hopefully it was covered.

It started out grey and overcast and then just deteriorated and the wind got up and sadly the day came when we it looked like we were finally going to lose the gazebo cover in the front garden - my repairs might well hold fast but the surrounding material was sure to give up the ghost - it was only a matter of time.

Mum and Dad said they had a horrible drive up to us with driving rain and thick fog in places.  Not really a day for be going out more a day to be sitting in watching something on the television with a box of chocolates on standby!  Such a shame when things are organised and the weather lets us down which you would think would be unheard of here!

So the ladies were eating inside which was a bit of a challenge because as the rain came down harder and harder it got darker and darker around the table - good job Dad wasn't there he would have had a right old moan about the ambient lighting or lack of it!!!

Still we had a good meal - for a 'light meze' there was plenty to eat with salad and dips, green eggs, pilafi, roast potatoes, chicken and pork souvla followed by fresh fruit.

The boys had an equally good lunch at O Stathmos and although John had asked for Chicken and Chips Bambos had the grill lit so they could have what they wanted and so John and Dad opted for a pork chop.

Mum and Dad stayed a little while after lunch (a) because the weather was too awful for them to leave and (b) because they were calling in to see Gloria and Peter in Kathikas on their way home.

We nipped round to Elena's to check on the chickens and the bunnies and made the mistake of not wearing suitable footwear!!!  We would have been ok but the door to the bunny house was off and the rabbits were missing - we had to hunt around the garden which, after all today's rain, was like a mudbath.  Sadly we were unable to find grey bunny but white bunny is now firmly back in its cage.   We will go back tomorrow and see if we have any luck but it was just too wet this afternoon to find him/her.  The chickens appear to be ok and helping themselves to the feed as they have pecked holes in the bag.  

Hopefully Elena's operation to have a stent fitted will have gone well today and she will be out on release once again this weekend.

Diana asked me if I would have time to make her a card before Monday so I took the opportunity to do it this afternoon whilst it was still light and before we settled down for the evenings viewing.  No requirement for tea today as we both had a good lunch.

Our fears were confirmed and the front gazebo went to meet its maker this afternoon - the strength of the wind proving too much for the material but not my repairs - it is sadly beyond a second repair and we will go in search of a replacement when we are next down in Paphos.

It was a horrible evening so we got ourselves comfortable and had a brilliant evenings viewing catching up on two of the best series I have seen in a long time.  We had our fix of Undercover which I think is now nearing its conclusion and then went on to watch two episodes of Marcella which has me gripped although it can be a bit confusing in places as she struggles to recollect her actions.  Don't know what we will get into once these two are done - suggestions very welcome!

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