Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sunday - my turn to cook...

It was an indifferent start to the morning - although it was mega early when I got up and checked on the state of affairs - it made for some pretty dramatic photographs as the sun was filtering through the clouds.  My turn to cook today for the Cyprus Six, me and John, Mum and  Dad and Klaus and Sheila and I had it pretty much under control with some pulled pork slowly doing its thing in the slow cooker and just some salads to prepared for later.

The sun began to burn through as the morning went on but we were in two minds as to whether it would be warm enough for Mum and Dad to eat outside but we were hopeful as the garden is looking particularly beautiful at the moment.  At long last the bottle brush seems to be happy and has flowered this year - good news and thank you to John's Mum and Hadge as they bought it for us on one of their visits so we have a little place in the garden which reminds us of them.  My self-seeded Cerinthe (try saying that when you have had one or two) is also glorious and I have to thank Elaine for this one as she gave me one of her seedlings last year and somehow it has managed to pop up again but in the front garden whereas it had been planted in the back garden last year!

It had been my intention that we would sit on the decking at the back of the kitchen to have our lunch so I started to lay the table when John thought he felt some moisture in the air and it was quite windy so we decided to make our decision a bit later.  I had picked some flowers from Mum and Dad's garden on Friday and they looked beautiful in our old jug on the table.

I got on with the salads for lunch, coleslaw, tomato onion basil and fetta, rocket orange cashew and balsamic pearls and prepared the potatoes as I was planning little tiny crispy roasties a la Klaus and as I did the weather improved sufficiently for us to decide to eat at the table outside the back door where there was much less wind.

We had a lovely lunch - good food and good company - a few laughs and a few drinks.  I got a big thumbs up for my potatoes from Klaus which is good because he taught me everything there is to know about making good roasties!

My salads went down well too even though I know that salad is not everyone's idea of a Sunday lunch!

And even though I didn't have the correct sugar for the top of my creme brulee puddings they turned out pretty good once John had rescued the situation and Klaus even took one home with him for tomorrow!

It is so nice to prepare food that people enjoy - it makes it all worthwhile - not that today's lunch was very onerous to be fair.  It is so much better when you haven't got to keep running in and out and checking on the oven and you can sit down and enjoy the meal with everyone else and it has been really good to include Sheila and Klaus because if nothing else they give Mum and Dad someone else to talk to as they see quite enough of us!!!

Another successful day I think and a lovely weekend all round.  My early start this morning to witness the sunrise began to take its toll and I opted for an early night.

I am not sure what happened to John but when I woke for a bathroom call he was sound asleep on the sofa with a cat on his lap!!

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  1. A lovely meal and could not ask for nicer company.xx