Thursday, 5 May 2016


This morning started early doors with the cats waking us, as they always do, ravenous and at first light - Boris took it upon himself to chose his own breakfast - venturing deep into the cupboard that houses the cat food only to come face to face with my cake tins which he disturbed and when they started to topple he backed out at high speed.

For one skinny cat he has an appetite bigger than any of the others and he is a dab hand at getting under your feet when you are trying to feed him.  Feeding time currently has to be policed as they are all on liver in the mornings and Boris bolts his down so that he can muscle the others off of theirs.

I like to take a turn around the garden and watch the sun come up and see what is happening, what is growing, what needs pruning etc etc.  This morning I watched a snail emerging from one of the cat water bowls having finished its ablutions!!  I know these are a menace in the garden but I hate killing anything so after it had been captured on camera I removed it from the bowl and lobbed it over the wall so that it could live another day.

We had a visit from Elaine this morning she had a couple of things she wanted me to drop off for Irene and some chocolates for Elena's children for Easter which she wasn't going to be able to deliver as she and Paul are off to Rome for a few days for Paul's birthday.

After she had left we got our things together and set off to find where Mina and Claire are moving to as we had promised to lend them our generator for a while as they wont have electric connected for a couple of months apparently.

They are completing the build of a partially built property and at the edge of the land having new kennels erected as the property they currently rent and from which they run Hounds on Holiday is up for sale.

The new location is up the hill from where they are now in an absolutely fabulous location - the property sits atop a hill with full 360 degree views across fabulous countryside.  From every room upstairs there is a different and spectacular expansive view - as Mina said she is going to have trouble getting out of bed and tearing herself away from just staring at the vista and we know, from going to their current home, that the house will be spectacular and provide them with a haven away from it all.

Molly (Mina and Claire's own dog) is on guard keeping an eye on proceedings and the workmen but sensibly doing so from the cool of the porch.

Way down the end of the drive the construction of the new kennels is in progress and the workmen are crawling all over it like ants to get them up and running as quickly as possible - Mina has great plans to soften the landscape but that will come in due course - yes it looks a bit stark at the moment but that can change quickly - the right plants over here need no encouragement!

So here is Mina getting her instruction on the use of the generator which we are lending them - poor Mina is afraid of buggering it up but she will be fine.  We are also going to lend them our camping grill burner thingy so that they have some cooking facilities although they plan to barbeque as much as possible.  I take my hat off to them moving in when the building is basically just a shell but needs must and with several visitors imminent their hands have been forced.

Back home it made me appreciate the comfort of our own home - although there is maintenance to be done and things we might like to do it is fundamentally complete and I don't envy the girls with their project although I know that I am going to LOVE the finished product!!

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