Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Tuesday - still a bank holiday for some

I am not sure what happened to yesterday - it seemed to fly by in a blur - no pickleball for me as the floor is still being laid and no badminton for John as he decided to give it a rest this week so more stuff to do at home.

We popped down to Polis in the morning with a number of errands and to do some food shopping in readiness for our visitor - the weather is iffy to say the least and we have our fingers crossed that this will pass by Friday.

Not everything was a success as for some (as we used to do when I worked in the Solicitors) the Tuesday following a bank holiday is another holiday but one big success was getting some LED lightbulbs for the guest bedroom which now means you have a half decent chance of putting your makeup on successfully as they are so much brighter than the original spots.

We stopped to check for post in the village as we are waiting for a couple of things.  I smile at the house next door to where we got our post as anything and everything is used as a pot for the plants growing outside and the geranium in the middle is looking pretty spectacular in its half inch of soil!

Back in our garden the Clematis is doing very well this year, its second year.  Although not the red colour I had hoped for it is still pretty but when the sun is shining it just looks washed out.

You wont be able to recognise what the picture is on the right but for me it is very exciting.  I had thought that my lovely clock vine which Elaine gave me had perished this winter.  Hers is shooting left right and centre and mine just looked dead until I scratched the surface (literally) to find lots of pale green shoots beginning to emerge - it lives on and for that I am very grateful!

We had decided to take a walk into the village and have a drink at the Droushia Heights Hotel with Sean and Vinny before having a barbeque at Sean's.  The weather was not at its best but they had managed a (shortened) boat ride this afternoon  and although gloomy it wasn't cold or raining.

After a couple of carafe's accompanied by a nice platter of fruit we headed back to Lordos 1 and decamped into 12B.  Sharon has been working hard on trying to get a Moroccan feel to her garden and it was a shame she wasn't there to enjoy the evening with us.

I made a salad, coleslaw and some of mum's recipe barbeque sauce and we donated some Sheftalia for Vinnie to try and after a very pleasant meal I threw in the towel and went home to my bed to be followed by John some time later!!

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