Thursday, 23 June 2016


So a stunning sunrise this morning - seen because Miss Minnie Mou comes in EVERY Morning at around 5.15am demanding to be fed and she knows how to whinge just enough to press our buttons so that we relent and get up.  Having said that it is so lovely to be able to watch the sun rise over the mountains and to look down to the coast and see the sea - how lucky are we?  very very lucky and we need to make sure that we never forget it or take it for granted.

I was on standby today to help Amoura make some Fatayer stuffed with freshly roasted red peppers, anari and feta and some oregano.  Apparently we needed to make 200!!!  I hadn't heard from her mid-morning so thought I would just pop up round to the house and see what was occurring.  The wsps nest on the door frame of the house opposite is till active - actually more active than I appreciated until I looked at the photograph I had taken.  I have no idea whether this is as big as they get as I don't plan to get too close!

Amoura did get in touch and I went up so that she could instruct me on how to make the pastry and then form the parcels.  We worked well together - she actually says that my pastry and pasty-rolling was exemplary and we worked until all the filling had been used up and the final count was 107 - not the 200 required - we could have managed that amount but Amoura said not to worry as they would be completed later that day.

Such a very different day today weatherwise - yesterday we spent the day expecting rain but today there was hardly a cloud in the sky - much more like the weather we should be having in June.  Fortunately it was cool at Orexi HQ and we were finished quicker than I had anticipated so good news all round as John was going down to the Veasey's to watch the crucial England v Wales footie match this afternoon.

When I got back and before I went down the road to meet up with John I spent a jolly couple of hours looking through our box of old photographs as I want to pick a few out to have on show at our 'do'.  So many fond memories were evoked particularly that early Christmas spent at my bosses cottage in deepest darkest Cornwall with our lovely friends Sally and Tommy Allan, Cheryl and Frank Stapleton, Jonathon and Kelly Bissett and us of course.

OMG how young do we all look there but then as someone pointed out it was before the other couples had their children.  This meal was followed by present giving with John dressed up as Father Christmas - great times with great people who we miss very much and who we hope we will catch up with sooner rather than later.

I walked down to Diana and Rob's - it was a beautiful afternoon and it was so lovely walking down the road to their house.  Things are beginning to look quite brown now so the vibrant colours of the flowering artichoke heads look even more stunning than usual.

I love this village - I love the fact that we get seasons and that our weather is nowhere near as warm as it is down on the coast.  We have been here long enough to know exactly what the winter has in store for us so we are more and more prepared each year.  I love that it is rural and traditional and that people still farm - I love that we are recognised and greeted by many of the villagers.

My destination was Chateau Veasey - Rob and Diana have a beautiful bungalow which has fabulous views down to the coast.  They are taking their time to renovate it to a standard inside and out which will mean that they simply need to tick it over in the future - hard work at the moment but their efforts are paying off.

At the point at which I arrived there was a certain amount of gloom and doom and resignation in the room as the game was a draw approaching the final minutes of extra time - that was until England managed to score a goal which they desperately needed.

Celebrations all round but I fear someone needs to improve if they are to progress much further.  Roy needs to look at his rankings!!!

We weren't sure if Rabia was going to join us for the Northern Ireland game but reckon that once Mum Elena returned from Nicosia that went out of the window - no worries as we had a relatively early night.

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