Friday, 17 June 2016


OH NO - it looks like this morning's gym sesh has killed Diana off completely - either that or she is having a sneaky snooze!!!  It is starting to get a bit hot and sticky in the gym - doors open isn't going to be enough and we are going to have to resort to the air-con.  We were all feeling the strain today so the work-out was short and targeted!!!

I know I say it over and over again but we are so very lucky to have this beautiful hotel in our sleepy little village and someone on the staff must be pretty talented because the floral arrangements always look spectacular.  My agapanthus has barely put on two leaves and the one's in the hotel vases and in the grounds are in full bloom.  I moved mine last year because I read that the lack of flowers was down to not enough sun so now it is located in full sunshine.  I am not holding my breath but it would be nice after all these years to have at least one flower on it.  The miniature ones I have are now flowering but they only do it for a short while, still they add a nice splash of purply-blue.  After the initial flurry in the garden everything is now looking tired and needs to be or has been cut back in the hopes of a second show and hopefully just before our 'do' so that the garden looks lovely.

On that subject the clock vine is going well and has now almost reached the top of the A frame ladder.  It also has a resident colour coordinated bug in the shape of a bright green rather large grasshopper type thing which I have found out is a Katydid rather than a grasshopper because it has very long antennae and when I looked it up on the internet it would be something more likely to be seen in the Far East or somewhere rather more exotic than Cyprus.

A grey day here in Droushia - grey and humid.  Maybe we are going to get the rain that has been forecast.  It will save me having to water if we do.  Unfortunately the cloud cover has just made things close and sticky - not good weather for playing sport which is what we will be doing this afternoon.

Down in Emba (actually I think this may be classed as Chloraka) the sky was brighter but it was even more humid.  I was absolutely soaked after playing pickleball - even though we started earlier we didn't seem to play for any less amount of time!  A good session enjoyed by all even though we had to contend with some nubile young things doing belly dancing next door which was rather distracting - the music being too loud nothing else!

We met up with Lou and H this evening for an early tea at Claudia's in the village.  We went to Lou and H's first before walking up to the village for a really nice meal.

My sign has been erected in their courtyard and looks lovely - the sun and other little wall hanging bits all match one another nicely.

Bill (big Springer) did his normal bark at us and then backed away and disappeared off.  Tilly (little Springer) soon settles down and gets used to us but Middy (large black dog crossed with giraffe) is like a thing possessed!!!  She is so exuberant and so big I am afraid she will have me over!!!  I am only just getting used to dogs - never really been a lover so she is a bit of a challenge to my nerve but I am sure we will get there eventually!!

As the sun set, sinking down below the hills that lie between Giolou and Droushia we caught up on the week's events and enjoyed a companionable meal on the terrace.  It got everso slightly chilly as the clouds (which brought us rain later in the night) covered the sun but I had my trusty cardy with me so was fine.

We managed to get diaries together for some more work life balance time off and returned home for a relatively early night and the final episode of Peaky Blinders.

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