Friday, 24 June 2016


Friday is our sport day which starts with a session at the gym and then we have a hard workout at pickleball and then John has another couple of hours at badminton.  It is getting hotter and my enthusiasm is getting less but I soldier on!!! Today I am nursing a bit of a tight calf muscle which meant that I didn't manage to cycle as far as I normally do.  I am trying some weight work on my bingo wings but I think I am more likely to get a full house than toned arms!!

I don't miss many things from the UK but one thing that is certain to make me wish I could just nip back for a coffee and a chat is a letter from our lovely friends Sally and Tom and one arrived yesterday along with a note from their daughter Molly with the sad news of the passing of Dill and Dom the two fish we gave them when we had to empty our pond.  We shared such fabulous times with Sally and Tommy, BC (before Children) and AC (after Children) but they, like us, moved on from Yeovil chosing a life of rural idyll near Abbotsbury.  The children Freddy and Molly are growing up fast - we forget that we have been away now for over 5 years.

Strangely enough Tommy posted this photograph of us on a day out in celebration of the Oktoberfest which was many years ago - not sure how many exactly but we would have been living in Glenthorne Avenue and so it must be at least 15 years ago but probably more like 17 or 18!!!  Remember it so well we managed to get barred from Wetherspoons!!  Sally is sat on the front row right sporting an orange beard for some reason and Tommy is second right back row with hands in pockets.  Happy Days!!

Ok so back at home the jury is out as to whether or not the silver strands are actually deterring the birds.  One cheeky bugger was sat as normal about to shit on the path not a million miles away from the stuff - the barefaced cheek of it!!!

Not sure that there is much of an alternative other than John taking pot-shots at them so we will persevere.  John seems to think he needs more on the wires as the wind moves them so their position changes depending on how windy it has been.

It was a very hot day and windy too so just right for getting washing dried whilst we were out.  However my plan to change our bedding was thwarted when I went in to get the sheets and found a little boy sleepover taking place - as we like to know where they are and particularly so before we go out I didn't really want to disturb them so left them too it.  I know many of you may shudder at the fact that they are on the bed but just look at them - they are so comfy how could you move them??

Last week I was supposed to pick up some fresh veggies from Stacey's house in Emba.  She had asked me to do a bit of typesetting for her which is no problem and in return she offered me some fresh veg - the only trouble was that inspite of having a reminder set on my phone I still managed to drive past and forget all about it.  Today I did not make the same mistake and I was glad I didn't as she had put aside a massive array which I was to share with Elena.  Mmmm mmmm there is nothing quite like freshly grown organic veggies.

Mum and I were out and about and I called into the Next Clearance Shop in Old Town - I was looking for some shorts for John but managed to find some white sandals - I have been desperate to find a pair of white sandals for the summer - something that was between a flat and a skyscaper as these seemed to be the only choices available to me.  This wedge pair was a bargain - they will need a little bit of wearing in to be completely comfortable but I am chuffed with my purchase!

I called in to give Elena her share of the spoils and was absolutely chuffed to see that Hadeel is back where she belongs as Elena's right hand woman after a foray into life in Bahrain.

We have missed her and know that both Elena and her mum Elaine will be so glad to have her back.

Whatever the future holds lets hope that she can make it here on the island.

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