Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Misery Tour

Today we were playing tour guides and taking Diana and Rob on a little misery tour.  It is so very very hot that we wanted to distance Rob from his DIY and give him a bit of a break.  I had said I would drive and I think the promise of a visit to the Brewery probably clinched it!!!

After a bit of a drive we ended up at our lunch destination - the Magic Garden - somewhere we could guarantee that neither of them had been before and somewhere which we love (thanks Sheila and Klaus for introducing us).

Having checked that Michael and his wife would be open we made our way to the restaurant and sat under the shade of the umbrellas for a long and leisurely lunch.

We have only been on a Sunday before when the menu is pretty extensive but were amazed that mid-week there is even more choice.

John was more than happy that the slow cooked shin of beef was once more on as a special and Diana and I were spoiled for choice when it came to salads.

We managed a starter and a main course but passed on a sweet because we were moving on to Tala and taking the Veasey's to sample the carrot cake after a bit of culture walking round the monastery.

I have a feeling it was nearing 4.00pm by the time we had eaten and finished our drinks - taking down to the lower garden and sitting under the shade of the terabynthe tree which Michael says has been there over 300 years.  It was so lovely I could have stayed longer and had tea!!!

When we got back into the car the temperature was 46 degrees!  I know it has been sitting in the sun but bloody hell that is hot and made for a sticky ride to our next destination which was Tala Monastery.

The monastery is beautiful and peaceful and a haven of calm to wander round although by this time we were wilting rather a lot!

It is a working monastery and as Diana and I were in strappy dresses we didn't go anywhere that might cause offence just sticking to the general pathways and taking in the scenery.

We rewarded ourselves with a drink at the Monastery and a piece of the fabulous carrot cake although to be fair we were still all rather stuffed from the lunch we had had earlier.  We felt like tourists and we were enjoying our little holiday.

Diana and Rob wanted to see where the Monastery Cats are looked after so we did a slight detour - it is closed to the public in the afternoons so we just parked up outside and had a little wander giving a bit of love to those cats who chose to remain outside.  Sadly I read on the internet later that it had been so hot they had lost a kitten due to the extreme conditions.

Our next watering hole was the Brewery - good to check out the new bar which is now to the right as you enter and the old one is now the sales shop.

Even Mrs V partook of a pint - so glad that they do the natural apple juice from the apples used for making the cider as that was my tipple whilst we were there.

Ok so the last leg of our day out was to finish off up on the roof terrace watching the sun go down with the cats for company - well the boys at least - Minnie had taken herself off elsewhere!

We had a fabulous day - good food and good company if not a little too hot!

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