Monday, 13 June 2016


So a new week begins.  Minnie-Mou does her usual trick of coming in at 5.30 to wake us and we ignore her for a while until she gets too persistent and then we get up and we feed her and the rest of the cats and our day begins at about 6.30!!!

Charlie has got his summer coat and slimmed down a bit so he is able to do yoga or maybe it is aerobics when he is in the kitchen waiting for his breakfast!!!

We had a bad start to the day as we found that we had a screw in one of our tyres and to make things worse when John took it to Savvas he showed us that the tyre was bald on the inside and so was the one on the opposite side - two tyres and tracking needing to be done so goodbye to nearly €200 before you have had breakfast and even worse John seems to think we have been invited for a Zivania-fest on Tuesday night at 7.00pm either that or we are getting some more eggs!

As John prepared to take the car down to sort the tyres he had a visitor in the car as Charlie jumped in to keep us company.  He is a nightmare with cars as he will insist on getting in - we have to be so careful when there are people visiting the estate to make sure that they don't go home with him stowed away in their vehicle!!  He took some persuading to get out!

So back to this morning and I was at Art at Sheila's and working on my picture for Rabia.  It is progressing but I am having issues still with the face of the guy who is hugging Messi - there is something not quite right about the expression and I think his arm doesn't look right (yes I know it is his left arm!!)  I think it looks out of proportion but I will leave it for now and then return to it next week with a fresh pair of eyes.

I want to try and finish it next week because I will have a couple of Monday's when I cannot make it to art and this is going to be framed for Rabia's birthday in July.

As always it was a very pleasant morning, Sheila is working on her study of a kitten which I think she will be more than happy to finish!!!  She had a lovely little picture in mind for her next subject.

I had a lovely walk home - the weather now is beautiful and there is a bit of  buzz to the village as there are more visitors and tourists around.  As I approached where Linda and Noel live I noticed we have a new local horse  At first I thought it might be BigFoot but this was most definitely a boy - I am guessing a boy brought in to service the girls in the area!!  Last year it was a black stallion!!

We had a very quick visit to Peyia this afternoon as we had seen a cantilever umbrella for sale at a very good price and we have been thinking about buying one to substitute the gazebo outside the kitchen door.  We managed to get it which was a bonus and will be so much better for the 'party' in July.

So this evening we were attending the village school for the end of year school play - we had been last year on what turned out to be the coldest evening on record for June and we all snuggled under blankets to try and keep warm - we did it in support of Amoura who was leaving and moving on to the big school in Polis and this year we did it for Rabia and Lola even though they will be staying at the village school.  It wasn't quite as cold as last year but it was by no means a balmy evening!  June and I was dressing in jeans and a jumper with a standby scarf and jumper which I needed by the end of the performance!!!

We don't understand everything that the children are saying but we always enjoy the evening - the children do such a fabulous job and take it all so very seriously.  Poor Bassam is observing Ramadan at the moment so once the sun went down he was keen to shoot off and getting something to eat and drink.  We stayed until the end with Elena's mum and then walked back with the children and were invited in to share the food that Bassam had prepared.

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