Sunday, 12 June 2016

Sunday - food....

This morning I paid and an early morning visit to Orexi HQ to catch up with Elena (and allow her to lick my hand as it happens - but that is a different story!)  Lola was on breakfast duty and Rabia made my coffee - a superb cappuccino the quality of which will soon make Elena redundant.  Pleased to report that Elena was on good form if not a little tired.

I was reminded by the children that it is the school play tomorrow evening and I promised that John and I would go.  Last year we went because Amoura was leaving the village school and going on to Polis.  Rabia still has another year to go but assured me he had a pretty staring role.  Apparently the subject of the play is about how in the Olden Days people had little and wasted nothing but now people have so much and waste so much - admirable that the school has a social conscience.

Last year it turned out to feel like the coldest night of the year as we sat outside watching the children act whilst we were huddled under blankets!

Rabia was also keen to take me to show me their new rabbits, a white and a grey, apparently Amoura went to Andrea Christofi's house to see her daughter and came back with two new additions to the Orexi garden - or maybe the kitchen if they don't behave themselves!!!  They are sweet and really diddy but I hope next time we have to look after the livestock they don't go walk about like the other two did!

Rabia was also keen that I got a good photograph of the artichokes which are in flower.  They are the most stunning plant when they are in full bloom just absolutely fabulous and the most vibrant colour - if you look inside the lilac fronds they are a deep cerise colour - difficult to catch on camera.

It is a time for wildlife everywhere - the swimming pool is a magnet for the dragonflies, we get red, blue and yellow ones dipping in and out and sunning themselves on the side.

My turn for lunch today and although it was a bit windy we decided to eat outside - our €20 table and chairs set has come into its own - we had only bought it as a temporary measure but it will stay until it collapses.  Fortunately Mum is now feeling better after having the summer cold that is doing the rounds.  Mum and Dad stayed long enough to see the beginning of the French Open Tennis - Murray played well in the first set and then the rest was history and he lost to Djocovik.  We had to quickly nip round next door to say goodbye to our neighbours as they were returning to Nicosia but plan to be back for longer in the summer.

Sharon and Sean were holding a barbeque to celebrate Sean's birthday which was on Friday.

We sorted out the house and then went round to have a drink with them.  The party was in full swing.

In typical Droushia fashion it turned cool as the evening wore on but we were more than happy in the area that they have built outside the kitchen door as we were protected from any cool breeze - the garden looked lovely as night fell lit by fairy lights and candles.

Happy birthday Sean.

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