Sunday, 19 June 2016


Busy day today - early post required!!

John and I were up with the larks today and decided to nip to the Mall before going to Mum and Dad's for lunch.  So on the ball were we, and such country bumpkins are we, that we never thought about opening times and as a result got to the Mall before the shops opened!!!  John wanted a few bits from Tiger and we had to wait outside for it to open.  Fortunately Jumbos opens at 10.30 so we managed to get in there first and then waited for Tiger to open at 11.00!

The main reason for going to the Mall was so that John could buy my anniversary present - we don't normally mark our anniversary with anything special but I suppose in this day and age 25 years isn't too bad although we would have to go some to reach the 61 years that Mum and Dad have clocked up.  Anyway John has bought me a very expensive candle holder - seriously that is what the item is on the left!!!  Inside though is a watch and for once we managed to agree on something which is something of a miracle!  So both John and I will have smart(ish) new watches for our celebration.

Mum is becoming something of a super star as she will be modelling in a fashion show for Swanky Wags in a couple of weeks time.  This is right up her street as she loves her clothes and her shoes and always looks nice.  On of her outfits is the jade blue/green dress on the hanger but she has about six changes of clothes.

I am going to try and get down to see her strutting her funky stuff on the catwalk modelling clothes which have been donated to the Tala Monastery Cats charity.

I am a bit annoyed that I had a handbag that colour that she could have borrowed and I gave it away - bugger.  I do however have a fascinator that would go with it - I know she doesn't like hats but a fascinator just might do the trick!

We had a really lovely lunch with Mum and Dad - the coronation chicken with salad and jacket potatoes really hit the spot and the Rio Bananas were lovely.  I have told her that she can add this to the list of Sunday lunches we love so that we have it again another time.  I got the leftover chicken to take home and that means that tea for tomorrow night is sorted - RESULT!!

We drove home via Coral Bay.  I cannot tell you how unbelievable the colours of the sea there are at the moment but I couldn't capture the different hues.  I know that if I painted a picture that colour people would say that the sea is never that colour except it is!

Back home we unpacked our goodies.  After the doormat got ruined by being covered in grout we have treated ourselves to a new one from Jumbos.

We used to make a special trip to Limassol to shop at Jumbos which is a bit like Wilkinsons and you can get just about anything there except as we found out today door brushes - we couldn't find them, mosquito tablets - we couldn't find them either and a kneeling mat - no joy on that but then we were in a bit of a rush.

What we did get were some nice new oil and vinegar bottles which were cheap as chips and with plastic pourers which hopefully will be better than the ones that come with metal pourers.  I have had about  dozen of these and never really found the ones we liked or lasted - I have high hopes of these!

John treated himself to a nice cool down in the pool on our return from Mum and Dad's - I know we talk about the luxury of having the pool and the costs and how little we actually can use it up here in Droushia but on a day like today John will tell you there is absolutely nothing nicer than sinking into the cool waters and then enjoying a nice cold beer of the Aphrodite's Rock kind.

We were opting for a quiet evening - it has been a bit of a hectic weekend so had just settled down when we got a ring at the doorbell - John went out to take a look and was greeted by Savvas the tyre-man.

These are probably the world's most expensive eggs as they cost me two tyres and the tracking done so work out at about €20 an egg - still I shall look forward to eating them as they are always delicious.

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