Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Tuesday no pickleball Mad Catters instead

We began today with gym - it is getting much hotter now and we will need to use the aircon soon - not lovers of aircon we hang out at long as we can before using it and without it I can use the sticky atmosphere as the reason why I can't hammer the boards as much as I should be doing!!  John puts us to shame working hard and working himself harder every day!

Our rewarding cup of tea was taken out on the terrace where for this month between the hours of 4.00pm and 7.00pm they are having a beer and cocktail happy hour (or three if you do the maths) and we are planning to go visit and take advantage!

I had a bit of  failure whilst at the gym in that I managed to wash a tissue in with my whites which is so annoying.  It is my fault as I tend to tuck a tissue somewhere upon my person at all times and in particular now as I have hay fever.  I spent a good ten minutes picking out the bits because I had a coloured wash to follow and I didn't want it covered in bits!

No pickleball this afternoon as Mum and I along with Diana, Sheila and Val were going to Elaine's for her Mad Catters Afternoon Tea Party in aid of a local cat feral neutering programme.  Mad is the word as she was entertaining about 70 people in her garden and had only just returned from a school reunion in the UK.

It was a very successful afternoon - her garden is a spectacular place to sit and drink a cuppa and eat a piece of cake!!!  So successful that she managed to raise over €800 but this is not without an awful lot of hard work and some good friends who donated cakes or help or raffle prizes.

Elaine's friend Lynn Lamberton made a fantastic cake which was to be auctioned and which was won by mum's friend Val - it went for €33 but was worth so much more than that.  The detail was incredible and inside was a luxury lemon drizzle confection.

On her return from the UK Elaine found out she had been adopted by a nursing female cat and her little kitten.  Although not anticipating increasing her animal headcount she had decided to keep these two and ran a competition to name them.  We are uncertain as to the sex of the kitten - Elaine though female and I think male but the name Coco will be ok eitherway.

The afternoon was a resounding success and someone went home with the plaque I had made as this was the special prize attached to one of the entrance tickets.  There were some beautiful kittens brought along needing homes and hopefully someone will have fallen in love with one or other of them and given them a home.  The greys were beautiful but I liked the tabby and they were so bright and content in their bed - they would make someone a great pet.

Sheila won a raffle prize which was a boat trip for two from Latchi and the tickets I bought for Lou were successful and she will be the owner of a pet photograph frame when I next catch up with her.

We had a beautiful sunset to go with our beautiful day - a much warmer evening than we experienced last night at the school!!

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