Tuesday, 7 June 2016


A really beautiful start to today with the sun creeping up over the mountains and bathing everywhere with a golden light - Summer looks to have arrived and the forecast seems settled which is good news as Elaine is having a massive tea party in her garden next week!!

There is a bonus to the cats coming to tell us that they are hungry in that you do get to see the sunrise and to see the garden in a completely different light than normal.  We are working hard on the outside space as we too will be having a tea party in our garden but more of that tomorrow.

John must have got into Summer mode this morning as his burgeoning goatie got a bit of a trim.  I am not overly keen on the beard bit - I don't mind the moustache but the beard is wiry and I reckon that there are all sorts of things living in it!  Anyway it all looks better for being tidied up and it looks like he might be going for a full beard now - time will tell!!  The hair got a bit of a shave too so all clean and tidy for going off to the gym for a bit of a work-out!

We may have to start thinking about going even earlier to the gym soon as the mornings are getting hotter and hotter - for now 8.00 is ok and we can put the aircon on so it isn't too bad.

I am by no means a natural gym bunny.  John is good he has worked himself out a routine and pushes himself a little bit more every time.  I, on the other hand, don't seem to be building up any stamina, if anything it seems to be getting less and today I barely managed to run let alone walk on the machine.   All I can say is thank the Lord for the cuppa and biscuits afterwards it is the only thing that keeps me going!

It was glorious out on the terrace after our work-out.  The hotel continues to offer a real bargain deal to stay there - two night with breakfast for €50 - it is almost worth checking in so I can have a bath and the breakfast doesn't look half bad either.  Diana and Rob said they really enjoyed their overnight stay when they used the Alpha Mega €10 coupon offer.

We encountered a little local difficulty on our way home in the form of a traffic jam caused by BigFoot having been moved to a new bit of grazing and being on a rope which allows her to wander all over the road.

Papou was stuck one side and we were stuck the other - Papou didn't seem too keen on tackling BigFoot - I was going to then decided wanted to take a photograph so left the logistics to John.  After a bit of gentle persuasion he managed to get her off of the road and Papou shot past and on his way.  John just about managed to get back in the car before she was heading back in our direction and looking like she was going to stick her head in the window!

On returning home I got John to finish off the sign that Charlotte had asked me to make for a friend who is moving house.  She said she wanted something simple and girlie so hopefully that is what I have made.  You can never tell if you haven't been given much a brief!!!

No mum at pickleball today - she has finally succumbed to the cold which I had and which I then passed on to Dad.  She says she has never had a sore throat quite like the one which preceded the snot.  She will not now be going to the ladies lunch on Wednesday but Dad will still be going out with Klaus as planned.

This time I wont be there either because as part of Lou's new work life balance regime which starts tomorrow she is finishing 'dogging' lunchtime and we are meeting up with her and H for a nice leisurely lunch at the Extreme View cafe because the poodle poufing she is doing is over that side of the Island and because we went there before and liked it as did they.

We were off to Armou today before going to Pickleball because I had seen a pot advertised for sale which I thought would look perfect in the conservatory.  We had to meet a guy in Konia who took us along some back roads at about Mac II - the terrain looked like the moon - it seemed like we were driving along some sort of dry river bed and we might well have been because we ended up in the notorious development that is slipping down the hill and where all the properties have been condemned.  Some, like the one in the picture, are/were absolutely beautiful and clearly someone's dream home.  It is sad and criminal that these were allowed to be built and sold and I felt slightly uncomfortable buying something from someone who has had to pack up and go back to England with their dreams in tatters.

As I said no PB for Mum so fortunately we have the newbie Angela to fill the gap and even though this was only her second time she had slotted in really well and we had quite a game of it.  It was particularly warm and sticky and with only the four of us not much time for a break between games. John had an equally hard session at badminton and we were pretty tired by the time we got home.  Just wanted to show you that the new chairs have got the cats' seal of approval as Charlie and Boris were well comfy when we got home!!!

It was a bit of an Old Mother Hubbard Make Do and Mend tea tonight as I haven't had time to get to the shops and really wanted to go later in the week when I can get the ingredients for the meal I am going to cook for Sean and Sharon on Thursday.

Effie had given mum what looked like a courgette on steroids - this is going to be the first of many I feel so I decided to try my hand at 'green eggs' which is a sort of scrambled egg fried courgette ensemble.  My recipe will need some perfecting but it was edible and we had hot olives and a chorizo and roasted red pepper salad to go with it.

My fridge really is empty now so thank goodness we are out for lunch tomorrow!!!

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