Wednesday, 15 June 2016


A day at home doing jobs - this is a good Wednesday as we feel like we achieve something good around the house.  There is a constant battle against dust even when it is not generated by ourselves and DIY.  It is not helped by the fact that the cats are moulting like moulty-things and they come in covered in seeds and burrs and pick them out and spit them across the room.  This morning then our bedroom got a good clean and we had fresh hay to enjoy tonight.  Nothing like a freshly made bed devoid of burrs and a floor that has been cleared of tumbleweed.

My next job which is equally as satisfying is to give the fridges a good clean and sort out.  We have two in the kitchen and John strives to get one dedicated to vegetables and the other to fruit so that it isn't all squished up together.  My mum would be very proud of this lovely clean and orderly fridge.  I didn't inherit her cleaning gene that is for sure!!

John is concentrating on make the outside of the garden as pretty as possible for our 'bit of a do' for our anniversary so today completed the 'arch' in the alleyway and we are going to train some of Gregoris and Theodora's honeysuckle over the top of it - as always he has made a great job - all we need now is for the honeysuckle to put a bit of a growth spurt on - it has about 5 weeks to get a move on.

One of our gazebo covers bit the dust earlier in the year when we had some late strong winds.  We have tried to decide what best to do and decided to get a new brolly for outside the back door and put the cover on that gazebo onto the front one.  We wanted one of the cantilever type brollies but they come with such a large base that we struggled to work out how we were going to accommodate it.

Eventually we decided that we would make space for it by the large solanum which required a scalping as a consequence but we managed to get it in and we think it is going to provide the right amount of shade.  It is amazing how much lighter it is without the gazebo there.  The gazebo at the front has now been recovered and everything is, for the moment, tickety-boo!!

Our sampling of the Happy Hour at the Droushia Heights  happened rather quicker than I had anticipated as I caught up with Elaine for a quick chat and debrief on the Mad Catters' Event - she needed to come up and return plates borrowed from Elena so it was a good opportunity to see her and it seemed rude not to sample one of the cocktails whilst we were there!

I can recommend the Pina Colada - very refreshing on what was a hot afternoon before the clouds began to gather.

Elena's two girls were at the hotel enjoying the swimming pool - they were later joined by Rabia and were as good as gold although Lola was not impressed that the pool side bar was unmanned but she soon got the waitress sorted out!!

We were joined for a drink by Sean who kindly invited us to help him finish off the burgers Sharon had made for his birthday barbeque.  We were going to have salad anyway so just made some extra and took it round.

Sharon is doing some really good artwork on glass - made to look like stained glass.  This is her finished Macintosh inspired flowers which go brilliantly with the brolly and the pool lights.

It was a nice impromptu evening even though Charlie was a right pest and eventually Sharon had to carry him back to our house.

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