Monday, 18 July 2016

A new week

Monday - panic is beginning to set in about TD - are we ever going to be ready in time?  of course we are, even if we do nothing else people will come, they will find a seat and they will be fed and watered but those of you who know us and those of you who have ever been to one of our parties will know that nothing is left to chance - all bases covered, day running to military precision!!!  This is not easy to achieve when the temperatures and our tempers are soaring - the heat is draining - we are drained!

Very strange weather conditions this morning - our view of the bay obscured by low lying cloud or a heat haze not sure which.  All cats appeared for breakfast and ate what they were given which makes a change - only Charlie remains around the house all day - the others disappear to wherever they have found that keeps them cool.

We make, and embark upon completing, our list of things to for TD - today we tackle the seating arrangements and the shade or lack of it and the bunting all before breakfast.  John plans to move the house six inches to the left before next Tuesday or that is how it seems!  There is nothing like a timescale to concentrate the mind - I am glad I am escaping to art this week!

I am still working on my picture of ballet shoes which I plan to give to Amoura when it is complete.  There is so much blending on this one I shall owe Sheila a box of pink and pink toned pencils at this rate!

I am missing art next week because it will be all hands to the deck next Monday getting everything ready for TD and I am feeling very posh but I am enlisting the help of a cleaner to give the house a good bottoming before guests arrive - at least that way there is a chance that people will be able to sit without being covered in cats hairs and eat without picking them off of their tea and stickies - moulting situation bad at the best of times but in this heat it is beyond belief.  Not helped that an infestation of ear mites is causing Minnie to scratch for the United Nations sending fur flying in all directions.

Anyway a nice calm and productive morning Chez-Knips before an afternoon concentrating on the list.

Diana had warned me that we had post so I called into the Post Office on my way home to investigate - it is all very exciting because although we said no presents on our invitations people inevitably ignore that instruction so there was a massive box which had arrived from John's Mum and Stepdad and an interesting tube marked FRAGILE from my sister along with a couple of other smaller packages.

OOOOO it is like Christmas but we are being very good and will leave the parcels intact until next Tuesday - do you know what sometimes 25 years ago seems a lifetime away and then at other times it seems like only yesterday - one thing for sure, having looked through old photographs, I have embraced some very dodgy hairstyles in the interim!

John had been so busy whilst I was at Sheila and Klaus's getting all sorts of messy jobs done and he had got in touch with his artistic side and hung my old basket up in the garden (it now houses the lavender clippings) and made a beautiful heart from some wood and one of the tiles left over from the conservatory.

Between us we worked steadily through what we could do on the list without killing ourselves.

John's final artistic effort was to make a big sign for the entrance to the estate - my effort was appalling as I hadn't used a rule so my wording was a bit skew whiff and offended John's sense of order so he took over whilst I went to visit Elena and see how she was doing this week.

All good at Elena's I returned home to be greeted by the new sign and I am pleased to report the growing pile of rubbish by the bin had been taken away earlier this morning so thanks to Marianna from the community office for sorting.

It was such a glorious warm evening that we sat outside until it started to get dark.  The garden looks magical with all the little fairy lights for which I have to thank John's Mum - you can never have too many little solar lights and they are still a little overpriced here.

Strange no tennis and no football tonight - Winter must be coming!

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