Friday, 22 July 2016


Gym was gym this morning but sadly the biscotti were sub-sombrero standard so we didn't get any with our morning cup of lemon tea and Andri wasn't on breakfast duties so we didn't get any little goodies from that direction either!  From gym we went on down to Emba for pickleball and badminton.

To say it was sticky at pickleball was an understatement.  Here I am looking like I have an industrial halo or a metallic sombrero but I am trying, and I emphasis the word trying, to keep cool between games.

This week we welcomed back Jenny of John and Jenny - she has been back on the island for a little while but this was the first time we had seen her back at pickleball.

I take my hat off to John going on from PB to Badminton and putting in a longer session than I had anticipated he would - he is a sucker for punishment clearly.  If nothing else it must be good to sweat out all the rubbish within!

Mum and I generally go somewhere after PB - I do feel sorry for anyone getting in close proximity to me if I am straight off of the court!  Today I wanted to go and find some Ginger Beer so that there is some for Bassam (and I am guessing Rabia) at TD.

We decided to go to Phillipos's at Coral Bay which is a huge supermarket with a fabulous drinks section - all sorts of bargains to be had there I can tell you and a choice of three ginger beers which included the Idris Fiery one which I love but which I think may be too hot for the boys!  Bassam is determined to try making it himself and I remember Dad making it when I was a child so I have found a recipe on the internet and I just might have a go myself after TD is over.  The recipe is here: Ginger Beer Recipe

We decided to check out the cafeteria above the supermarket for our afternoon cuppa.  As pauper pensioners we measure so much by the cost of a coffee - this will amuse our friends Keith and Hilary I know!  Anyway I can confirm that I got a very very nice frappe - made to perfection and it ws only €1.49 - BARGAIN.  I also got some bargain Chunky Kit-Kats so I was a happy bunny.

We made our way back to Emba where Dad and Fred the cat were trying to keep cool.  Poor Dad often has to contend with Fred sitting on his lap in this heat - if not his lap then he drapes himself over Dad's feet!

When John got back from Badminton we handed over the lovely bits and pieces Marianne Benton had sorted out for the charity shop What's New Pussycat - Val is opening a one day pop up shop opposite Paps in Emba tomorrow so fingers crossed that this will be a success and raises lots of money.

We had a little detour on our way home via the Brewery so that John could refill his crate of Yorkshire Rose.  Blimey this place has changed beyond recognition from when it first opened.  I think it has lost something of its charm because now the whole of the courtyard is covered in dining tables and there is a sign as you enter which says Please Wait to be Seated.  It has lost its family pub feel and become one massive eating establishment which is a bit of a shame.  Maybe Bill Ginn was right when he said to us the last time we were there that the brewing had become almost secondary.

Back home more little jobs to be completed for TD.  I had bought some paper hanging decorations that I wanted to put together although we are not entirely sure where they will hang from - we continue to have quite a strong breeze most days so they will have to go up Tuesday otherwise I see them being ripped to shreds!

We have also purchased a fan for each of the ladies who are attending - we had to have a mix of colours as there weren't enough of the nice brown ones and we decided we would decorate them and hand them out to people as they arrive.  It's just a small thing but may well come in handy if it is warm and sticky as I am guessing it will be.  Trying to think of everything I have stocked up on some wet wipes and some fly swats too!

We had fridge surprise for tea tonight as we are going to clean out the fridges for Louise to have plenty of space for her stickies so the contents have been run down.  I managed to rustle up a sort of beef stir-fry affair with salad and jacket potatoes which actually turned out rather well and it was delicious!

We have started to watch Orange is the New Black - one episode in and we are undecided but will persevere for a while.

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