Friday, 8 July 2016

I do like to be beside the seaside...

Having visitors is fantastic and we have had such fun with Matthew and Sarah but it does take its toll on my energy levels - all that socialising, eating and drinking!!!  So today which is their last full day on the island they are spending it on their own doing their own thing and John and I are doing our own thing or more like nothing as we decided to miss out on our regular trip to the gym - Diana wasn't going as she has a poorly back so without my mucker it didn't seem quite the same!

We were however catching up with Mum and Dad and playing pickleball before I enjoyed what I hope is going to be the first of many silver wedding anniversary treats - there must, after all, be some compensation for being Mrs Wiseman for all that time (JOKE!!)

My treat was to have a body massage in a tent on the sea shore down near sea caves and it was a magical setting.

Eric Smart, my masseur, is a fascinating man - you need to read his blog Aberdeen2Adelaide to get some idea about what he has achieved having been a man of ill health.  Anyone who can cycle from Aberdeen to Adelaide is a hero in my book but then to cycle back!!!!

He found, very easily, the problem I have with my left shoulder and worked on it trying to release the bit of muscle which he initially thought was displaced bone it was so hard.  He says that he isn't surprised I didn't enjoy yoga as the down-dog position was going to cause me agony.  So I am glad that there was a real reason that I didn't enjoy it not that I was a quitter.

It is incredibly calming just lying comfortably by the sea and breathing in and out concentrating on just your breath and trying to rid your mind of inconsequential thoughts - I am not good at this, as I have got older my memory is appalling so things suddenly come to me at all hours of the day and night and unless I write them down they are then forgotten as quickly as they came.

I had a good 30 minute massage - in fact it was more like 45 minutes by the time we walked back up to the Sea Caves Bar where Mum had been waiting for me.  Beautiful spot, fantastic views but apparently the food is not so good which is a shame because in some ways it could really rival Oniros which is just down the coast.

Eric says he may not remain in Cyprus long term - not because he doesn't like the island but because he only came here to recover from Malaria and now recovered feels he still has travel and adventure left in him.  He doesn't plan to leave any time soon and will continue to carry out treatments in his 'wedding' hut until it rains - he is thinking maybe he should have chosen more colourful voiles!!

I think John would appreciate a massage here and so I plan to book him in a bit later in the year when it is cooler so that he can be unknotted after a sports session as he often complains about aches and pains and twinges when he has overdone things.

So a big big big big big thank you to Mum and Dad (Mum really for spotting the tent and getting chatting to Eric or Erk as he calls himself) for treating me it was really really kind and a lovely lovely experience.

Finally I want to congratulate the Welsh national football team for reaching the semi finals of the Euros in spectacular style - shame on England for displaying such apathy - over paid and over there - they were rubbish still they didn't have much to return to as the whole island seems to be in turmoil - what on earth is going on?  Clearly the referendum proved to be the straw that broke this particular camel's back.

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