Monday, 11 July 2016


The heat is getting to us all and in particular the cats so any space that is cool will do.  Boris has come in with yet another scrape on his face which we have treated and he seems very skittish so maybe there is a newbie on the block giving him grief.  Whatever it is this evening he was AWOL and no amount of calling would bring him back - we walked up as far as the Australians who said they thought he was on their window sill earlier.  He did eventually pitch up with yet another wound on his head, ate, settled for a bit and then disappeared again.  We have put a collar back on him so that at least if he is going elsewhere they will know he belongs to someone.

I walked to art this morning.  It was particularly hot and now the landscape is showing the effects as everything is dry and brown.  I do not feel so bad when I chuck my garden waste over the wall because at least when the goats come they will have something to eat.

I didn't walk through the village today preferring to take the road where the Vals live and had a chat with Hugh as I walked passed their house which they appear to be having painted.  As I reached the main road I was pleased to see that not too much litter has accumulated since we did the clean.  Our next one is not until the Saturday after next as it would have fallen on Diana's birthday and I am sure she has better things to do to celebrate than pick up village rubbish!!

The various signs on the turning up show that there are now a few more active businesses in the village and it would appear that Finikas is moving in the right direction now that the children seem to be having more influence on its running.  This can only be a good thing.  I have to say I thought the meal we had their last week was excellent and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

It was lovely and cool as I stepped inside Sheila and Klaus's and I must say that today's lunch was a culinary triumph which set me up for the rest of the day!

I am currently working on a picture of ballet shoes which I thought I would give to Amoura who is into her ballet.  It is always nice to have someone in mind to give a picture to if I have not been asked to do something particular.

Having been through a 'blue' phase this one is very pink!!!  Nothing too difficult on this compared to the people's faces in the last one I did but skin tones can be awkward particularly if the original picture you are using as your guide is a painting rather than a photograph because it all becomes very stylised.

It is going to be a couple more sessions before this is completed - I wont be going the Monday after next as it will be all hands to the deck at our house getting ready for TD and I am having a cleaner come round which is a first for me so I may feel the need to clean a little before she arrives!!  There is just so much fur flying at the moment I am embarrassed although I am guessing she has probably seen it all and then some!!!  We will also want to get the garden sorted and the chairs laid out in readiness for the next day.

We needed to go into Polis to run some errands this afternoon.  We parked in the rough car park and were amazed by the progress being made to the old building that has sat decaying there for years.  It will be interesting to see the finished article - apparently there are going to be letting rooms and a wine bar!

I bumped into Jeannette who runs That Nice Shop in Polis Square.  Recently relocated to this prime spot it is a lovely shop full of locally made handicrafts and although similar to the Polis Exhibit Centre round the corner stocks different items.  This is where Sheila helps out and also exhibits her art and Klaus's gourd carvings.  I last saw Jeannette at the Hounds on Holiday open day last Monday and she was congratulating me on my photographs which included several of her dog Dooley and Graham's dog Winston.

This evening we took Elena's Mum Elizabeth back to Paphos airport as she returns to the UK after being her for 7 weeks - where on earth has that time gone?

She will be returning at the beginning of September and we had offered to take her because we are mindful of the fact that Bassam is observing Ramadan and so will not have eaten or drunk during the day and she needed to get to the airport at about 8.00pm - it seems silly to add additional pressure on Bassam plus it meant John got to get a Fitos kebab to bring home for his supper - I was still full from my lunch.

We thought we were going to witness a bit of road range when a rather nice white BMW was somewhat ignominiously cut up on the fountain roundabout by a Mr Whippy ice-cream van and a Mr Whippy ice-cream van that has a rather scary anatomically incorrect representation of Rambo on the back!

Thankfully, as I said, on our return all four cats were present and correct which was a weight off our minds.

Sadly we learned this evening that my Dad's youngest brother has passed away.  RIP Uncle Viv xxx

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