Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Duffer that I am I thought I had an appointment in Polis at 9.00am this morning and it was in fact at 10.00 and so I had an hour to kill, apart from visiting the bank there was nothing else I needed to do so I went for a walk around Polis which I very rarely do.  It is a pretty little town and after a couple of years where it suffered from the credit crunch it seems to be picking itself up, dusting itself off and starting all over again.  New businesses are opening and shops are being refurbished.  This is good news because the more we can source locally the better.

There is going to be an Italian - Volare - opening just down the hill from the square where the Alpha Bank used to be - I think it was an old periptero/kiosk previously and seems to be close to being ready for business.  We shall give this a go because we like a good Italian every now and again for a change.

Next to where the Alpha Bank is now located it appears that there is going to be a branch of the coffee shop we use in the Mall which does the delicious pain au raisin which we love - the art shop has gone and on the window is a sign for La Croissanterie - I asked the girl in the bank and she said she didn't know when.

Passing by the Polis Exhibit Centre I was drawn to the fabulous display in the window - beautiful cushions appliqued and embroidered.  Janet Jinty certainly seem to know how to dress a window to attract the punters.  There are some lovely things in the shop so if you are tourist or a resident looking for a nice gift then this is a place to go and find something.

The random collection of pickled wildlife is still in Polis - we found it years ago at a house which also sports a sign Rooms to Let!!!!  It is down opposite where John takes his chainsaw for an overhaul - I didn't want to stay too long taking a photo because I remember being engaged in a long conversation with the man responsible and I think he was hankering for a payment for me taking the photograph!

I came across this exotic plant scrambling up a house near the CYTA shop - there are loads of great plants there - much milder down there than up in Droushia so I doubt very much something like this would survive - I wonder if anyone can identify it for me?  I have quickly had a look on the internet but not found it as yet.

Business in Polis done I returned home to find Charlie had found a unique place to stay cool - ramming his head between the plant pot and the stone wall.  I feel for the cats at the moment as it gets harder and harder for them to find placed to get some respite from the heat.

We were having Matthew and Sarah up this afternoon and we had organised to have an early meal at the Aphrodite's Rock Brewery because Matthew had seen my photographs on Facebook and he wanted to sample it.

A fiery dragon burger, samples of the beer and the sun setting - perfick!  We all enjoyed our meals and I think Matthew really enjoyed trying the various beers - we finished off the day with a quiet drink in our garden - much cooler there thank goodness.

They are joining us again tomorrow and staying over as we sample the delights of the Happy Hour at the Droushia Heights and then a meze at Finnikas afterwards.

FOUND IT - a pipe vine Aristolochia - need to see if it will survive in Droushia

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