Sunday, 24 July 2016

Preparing for TD...

We have this weekend to get everything ready for TD - it is all running to military precision - and I know you would expect nothing less!!!

Louise Rance is coming round lunchtime to drop off some of the table things and other bits and pieces so it is all coming together bit by bit.

We are working out where everything should go which isn't easy with the limited space we have got so we have made a little area next to my shed where we are going to house two buckets full of ice so that beers and soft drinks can be kept cool and people can help themselves.

Minnie obviously approves as she now had a new place to sleep - it is in the shade and she has adopted the old doormat as her new bed!  Don't expect to see much of any of the cats on Tuesday as they will freak out with the number of people we are expecting - all except Charlie of course who will chance his paw with anyone that just might give him a morsel to eat!!

We had a list of all the things we wanted to achieve today - top of which was to clean the windows particularly those in the conservatory.

We had a problem Houston - a problem which lasted ALL DAY - we had no water - nil, zilch, nada and it isn't till there isn't any you realise how much you want to use it!!!  I managed to get hold of Marianna from the Community Office even though she was in Limassol - apparently the 'machine is broken' but was being worked on and she didn't know how long it was going to take to get fixed - deep joy!!  I smelt like a right old hobo by the end of the day but thank god for the pool!!

John decided to go over the wall and tackle the weeds which are obscuring the view - well there would be a view if there wasn't so much heat haze down the valley.  Looking at this photograph is looks like the weeds are fighting back!!!

I got the craft projects - I was tasked with making a whole load of bows from the bird scarer tape which John plans to put up along the alley way.  I got bored after about 15!  A lot of these things will have to wait until Tuesday morning before they go to their final resting place and deep joy I have a cleaner coming tomorrow so I bloody well hope that the water is back on or my floors will be issued a health warning.

I have managed to find a home for my paper balls - John isn't keen on them but I bought them from Jumbos some time ago and I I like them although I have a nasty feeling that I will wke up tomorrow and the condensation overnight will reduce them to a soggy mess.

Louise came - she is very excited about Tuesday and will be bringing her mum along too which is great as I met her once at an Orexi event and she was lovely.

I have made some menu cards for the tables so that people will know what they can expect to eat and drink and on the back is an advertisement for Louise's business.  I really hope that it helps to drum up some more business for her because she deserves it.

I really hope that people enjoy themselves - we have tried to think of everything to make sure it runs smoothly but you just never can tell!  I only hope that the hospital don't keep Elena in on Tuesday because I really want her to be there.

So without water we did what we could and our list got shorter but we didn't tick off as many jobs as we had hoped to - fingers crossed and toes crossed and everything else crossed that when we get up tomorrow we will have water back to normal.

We have a little mission for Mum and Dad tomorrow - John has seen these drinks dispensers on sale in Sun Tower and they will be ideal for squash at TD.  I have sent them the information and hope that they have them in the Paphos branch.

Strange weather tonight - John said it felt like a storm.  I couldn't water my plants tonight and I am a bit cross that I didn't do them last night after our CleanUp and meal at the Museum.  Serves me right!

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