Saturday, 30 July 2016


Things are returning to normal slowly after all the excitement of the week and today is Janet and Hadge's last full day so we had arranged for them to have a nice relaxing day at C&A Apartments and then we were going to pick them up and we were going out for dinner with them and mum and dad to the Blue Olive in Coral Bay.

We had to go and do some shopping down in Polis and we are trying to organise dates for Janet and Hadge's visits next year so decided to call in whilst we were there.   I have often noticed the strange cafe which is by the bus park - it looks interesting but on closer inspection it is the nearest thing to Steptoes back yard I have ever come across - there is shabby chic and ramshackle and there is downright falling down.

A quick look at the menu made me realise why there isn't actually anyone there - the prices are extortionate and I am not sure that the ambiance makes up for the prices!!!  Anyway not sure we will be going anytime soon!

When we got to C&A Janet and Hadge were enjoying the pool area - it was all quiet on the pool front - they were the only ones there getting some rays!  I took the opportunity to take a few photographs because I have been asked to take some photographs for C&A to update their website and their advertising bumf.  Chris wants a picture which shows the two buildings - I think the last one must have been taken from one of the buildings opposite so it is going to be a challenge!

Managed to get quite a good Where Are We? shot from the reflection in Johns sunnies.  C&A was such a find when we were looking for somewhere to accommodate Hadge's requirements when they came the first time 3 years ago.  They have now been four times and soon to be five times so they must love it!

Back home we have been trying to sort out exactly who gave us which present and we are struggling to work out who gave us the beautiful candle on the right which is covered in a glass dome.  It is beautiful and smells fabulous and we really want to thank whoever it was that gave it to us.

Although it is hot this afternoon three of the cats decided to find some rest and recuperation on our bed.  Minnie was not so impressed at having her space invaded but we are always glad when we know where they are - Chivers was curled up on the sofa - he has been a bit poorly - he has an awful cough - he has clearly eaten something that is either stuck or has irritated him.

We rounded off the day by having an excellent meal at the Blue Olive on one of their Surf and Turf evenings.  A good time was had by all - the steaks were excellent.  Janet and Hadge's surprise visit is almost over but we have a family lunch at ours tomorrow lunchtime to look forward to.

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