Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sunday back to normal

It has been lovely having Matthew and Sarah staying just down the road in Latchi.  We feel like we have had a bit of a holiday ourselves as our normal routine has gone out of the window and we have done some tourist things like the turtle watching.  With tourists you look at the island differently and remember (if you need to) why you feel in love with it in the first place.  We have enjoyed good food and good company and the last week has flown by.  Still I am sure they will be back again and then we can show them even more of this beautiful island.

After a bit of a lie-in we got ourselves ready to go down to Mum and Dad's and today we were going out for Sunday Lunch - more of which later.  Beforehand we were meeting up with someone in Emba to buy a couple of stand-up fans to stick out in the garden when we have The Do because we are worried that, at that time in the afternoon in mid-July, it is going to be too hot.  The way the temperature is ramping up at the moment we could be in the 40s by then - I bloomin' well hope not.  Anyway I had arranged to meet the woman in the carpark by the old church in Emba because she told me she lived by the church - a it happens she lives by the cemetary which is no quite the same place.  We eventually managed to meet up - it was a bit hit and miss but we got there in the end.  The fans will do for what we wanted and they were cheap so that is good and as long as they do their job and last the day that is all that matters.

We were, as I said before, out to lunch today in Chloraka at a newly opened establishment called Oulas.  We had arranged to go their twice before and twice we had had to cancel so third time lucky we had made it.  It being Sunday, they served a traditional Sunday roast which Dad declared to be one of the best, if not the best, Sunday roast he had had in Cyprus.  I have to say the roast potatoes were exceptional and our roast meats came with a good selection of freshly cooked vegetables and all the trimmings by way of sauces, Yorkshire, stuffing etc.  This was a belated Father's Day lunch funded by my sister and I because, to be fair, what can you buy the man who wants for nothing?  Lunch was followed by an amiable game of Nomination Whist back at the ranch where the scorer won - how unusual is that?

On our return home we found two wilting cats trying to find a bit of cool in the kitchen on the tiles.  Boris has been a bit strange of late, something seems to have spooked him.  We wondered if it was the fact that the patio doors have been left open at night and he no longer had the security of coming in through the cat flap and settling on one of the chairs.  We will see if shutting the doors at night make him feel any safer.  The other evening I called for him and found him in the garden of one of the houses opposite but he wouldn't come any further - in the end Minnie, Charlie and Chivers all came to encourage him back home but he wouldn't have any of it.  This happened to Minnie several years ago and she has never been quite the same since.

I baked yesterday - I made a cake and some courgette fritters and collected myself an industrial injury into the bargain when the rack that the cake had been cooked on slipped and just slightly brushed my arm or at least that is what I thought until I got up this morning and now I have this large unsightly burn on my arm which is going to look fabulous when I am dressed up in my posh frock for The Do.

I have dug out my Aloe Vera gel which is supposed to be good on burns - I can't believe how big it has turned out as I barely felt it when it happened.

I had also wanted to lose a bit of weight before TD and tone up my arms a bit but that has all gone out of the window as a week of visitors means we have been eating more than normal and I never went to the gym on Friday and after my massage that afternoon my poorly shoulder has been very tender which makes exercising my arms very difficult - there is nothing else for it I shall just have to embrace bingo wings because as they say you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

We had a quiet afternoon when we returned catching up on a bit of Wimbledon and willing the easy-on-the-eye Wilfred Tsonga to victory on People's Sunday - really really bad weather this year has severely disrupted the timetables.  So very glad that the weather in London was reasonably today as my sister was going to Hyde Park to watch the legend that is Carole King singing her Tapestry Album - practically the first album I ever purchased.

When I went out to do a bit of watering this evening I had to call for John's help as Chivers came speeding past me with something enormous hanging from his chops!!!  He disappeared into Paul's yard but I knew that if left unchallenged it would only be a matter of time before he would be bringing his prize into the house to show us and would smuggle it in and leave it under the dining room table.

These must be tough old things as when John managed to get Chivers to relinquish it, it played dead for a while but then ran off seemingly unharmed when John placed it on the wall - whether or not it dies of shock we will never know.

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