Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Tuesday hot hot hot

Well the temperature is rising which makes doing everything an effort but we have not given up our regular gym visit and although John has a dodgy shoulder at the moment and I have a crick in my back and Diana has been struggling for some time we soldier on doing what we can!!  Today we were joined by residents from the hotel - how very dare they be in our gym using our equipment!!!  Actually I am surprised that we do not encounter more people than we have done but I guess for many the last thing they want to do when relaxing in the hotel is get hot and sweaty in the gym.

I know I always remark on the hotel decorations but someone clearly has a great talent and I was particularly taken by the beach themed wreath on the wall by reception.  On of my favourite colours that shade of blue - matches the curtains in our bedroom.

Back home after our work out I am pleased to see that the flame fine Pyrstegia Venusta which I planted to grow up with the clematis and which lost all its leaves in a sort of state of shock having been planted has bucked its ideas up and begun to show some signs of growth - it is no longer an interesting stick but it is too late for a good show for TD.  I need it to establish itself well before our cold wet weather arrives otherwise it may not survive those conditions.  Sadly the Wysteria continues to struggle looking like it has been doused with something awful as the tips of the leaves are brown and shriveled.  It is still alive just about so I will continue to nurture and hope it too survives.

It was oh so very hot down in Paphos this afternoon.  We have decided to continue to play pickleball until the end of July which is sensible as it gets very stuffy in the room although there are plenty of fans which help.

Afterwards I had a shopping list a mile long of things we think we are going to need for TD.   Although it will fundamentally be afternoon tea we will be offering a small selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic alternatives but how much is anyone going to drink?

If you know John he would be mortified to run out of something or not be able to offer something that somebody asks for when they are at our house so we are trying to second guess what people would like to drink and how much!!!  We have opted for beer (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and red wine, prosecco, fruit juices, water and fizzy pop - that should cover it hopefully!!!  Anyway whatever doesn't get drunk on the day can be put into the cupboard for a later date so it wont get wasted.

On our return back home we were both really hot and sticky and so our reward was a dip in the pool and we felt we should do a bit of quality control on the beverages just in case!  Oh what bliss - and the water in the pool is just so wonderful at the moment -  I know we have thought about filling the damn thing in but on a day like today it is just heaven!!

John wanted to sort out the woodstore this evening and was horrified to find a mammoth toadstool or mushoom growing from where the old tree used to be - there are clearly some remnants of that tree still down in the soil and periodically it sends out a reminder by way of some funghi!  This was rock hard and took John quite a while to remove but he managed to dig down quite a way and get out more of the old tree trunk.

In amongst the wood in the woodstore we found the remains of two huge beetles - yet another Rhino beetle - the second one we have had this week - shame they are dead as they are magnificent looking things.  Not sure if this is one male and one female or if they do any damage to the wood in the woodstore!

Our evening was rounded off with a lovely tea of Thai Salmon Fishcakes from the seafood shop down on the Coral Bay Road - they are delicious and very reasonably priced.  Served with a fresh salad and a bit of sweet chili sauce - DELISH!

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