Saturday, 20 August 2016

Catching up with friends...

It has been far too long since we spent time with Nicky and Mark - we like to get them up here away from the heat and humidity of Paphos and to take a break from their busy working schedules in the summer and then to sit round the woodburner with something bubbling away in the slow cooker in the winter.

We were super pleased when they were able to make it to TD because they had originally said they wouldn't be able to make it.  They have been such and integral part of our lives here in Cyprus having bought Mum and Dad's house in Bouboulinas Street in Emba and we have been friends with them ever since.  As John went down to feed Millie and run a few errands I got the guest bedroom ready for their stay.

They came this morning just before 12.00 armed with goodies and prepared for a relaxing 24 hours - having plumped for a Thai/Chinese takeaway from the Farmyard and a movie in rather than hitting the nightlife of Latchi.

It was a full on eating and drinking 24 hours which started with lunch sat under the gazebo and even The Kirby's had to admit that it was exceptionally hot even up here in Droushia!!  It was a light lunch as Nicky (who is a great cook) had come armed with some freshly made scones which we were going to have with afternoon tea later on.

We spent the afternoon in and around the pool relaxing, swimming, reading, snoozing, chatting.  Mark kindly helped John get to the bottom of the chemical imbalance in our pool - which we now know is caused by the source water which we use to top up the pool and which is a heady mix
which means John could never ever in a million years get our pool levels exactly as he would want them.  Great to have problem solved and great to know what he can and cannot do about it.

Mid afternoon it was time to tackle those scones which came with some lovely raspberry jam (my favourite) and unbelievably CLOTTED CREAM - thanks Nicky that is something I haven't had in I don't know how long!  The scones were light and delicious and although the tea wouldn't rival what Louise produced for TD or what we are going to have at the Elysium thanks to the voucher from my godmother it was very welcome indeed.

After a bit more swimming and relaxing we got our heads together to order our takeaway from the Farmyard and then got ourselves cleaned up and organised for our big night in.

We seemed to order a mountain of food for our evening meal - although Nicky and I shared a meat dish and a noodle dish and after we had eaten our fill there was still enough left over for Nicky and Mark to take a sizable meal home with them!

We discussed a large number of films to watch but in the end decided on something that didn't take too much watching and as we all admitted to liking a good cartoon chose the Disney film Zootopia which we all really enjoyed - well I say all but Mark couldn't keep his eyes open for the end of it so retired to bed early!!

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